Mapping executives in Mercer Job Library

May 17, 2019

Important Note: The guidance in this article is specific to the US and Canada Mercer Benchmark Database.

Frequently, our helpful Mercer customer support representatives are fielding calls from you, the users of our surveys, to answer questions and provide assistance with participating in or using the results of our surveys. Recently we incorporated additional scoping into the Executive career stream in Mercer Job Library. These new scopes are globally consistent and will ultimately lead to improved matching and market pricing. We’d like to provide you with some helpful tips and additional guidance in how to map executives to these positions.

Whether mapping executives during survey participation or when using the survey results to market price your positions, there are a few criteria you need to understand in order to accurately map your executives:

  1. Your Company Structure
    In order to understand the responsibilities assigned to any particular executive, you must first understand the broader organization or structure of the company. Once you have a clear understanding of how your company is organized, you can then identify the executives that lead each group (e.g., subsidiary or division).
  2. Geographic Responsibility
    Typically, it takes more business acumen and cultural sensitivity to lead successfully in a region made up of various countries, or even a global group, than in a single country, so it is important to understand for what geographic region your executive is responsible. Being responsible for an end-to-end profit center or operation in a multi-country region is perhaps more complex than leading a single function, such as HR, which brings us to our third criteria.
  3. Sub-Function, Function, or Multi-function Ownership
    Whether the executive in question is leading a sub-function, such as Tax, a sub-function of Finance, and needs to have specialized knowledge, or he or she is head of multiple functions such as Sales, Operations, and Marketing, understanding the breadth and depth of the executive’s responsibility will help identify the right match in Mercer Job Library.

The following chart provides typical mapping based on the executive’s geographic and organizational responsibility.

Mercer Job Library executive level matching in summary graphic

Once you have used the three criteria described above (Your Company Structure; Geographic Responsibility; and Sub-Function, Function, or Multi-function Ownership) to narrow down your possible matches, you should review the job descriptions found in the survey participation materials or the position list for the relevant survey. The job description will provide additional details about the level and responsibilities including the typical role in strategy (e.g., establishing or implementing), time horizon of strategy, and who they typically manage.

Incorrectly mapping executives both during the survey participation process and when market pricing jobs will cause you unnecessary grief and re-work downstream. Take the extra time to ensure your executive mappings are as accurate as possible.

Some helpful resources can be found in the Participation Station for the United States or Canada, with guidance specific to each survey. If you need assistance, Mercer is available to provide guidance. Contact us at 1-866-605-1031.

Want to try your hand at mapping in Mercer Job Library? Take this fun quiz!