Build competitive and cost-conscious mobility programs no matter where you’re sending people

Build competitive and cost-conscious mobility programs

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An efficient mobility strategy is important when it comes to being competitive—regardless of where you are sending employees or for how long.

Whether one employee is going on a two-year international assignment to the Middle East, or another is making frequent, short-term trips across the US, it’s vital that you provide workers the compensation and resources they need for the move.

Maintaining a competitive mobility program not only shows you value employees, but also helps you keep the talent you need.


Moving to a new city requires a great deal of preparation, including research on housing costs, regional salary differentials, and more.

Business travel

Get information on the latest trends, from airfare travel to public transportation for both international and domestic travel.


Get the critical data you need for complex international recruiting matters, including PERM prevailing wage, US H-1B visa application, and more.


Be sure you’re providing the proper resources that allow your expatriates to prepare for and engage in their international assignments while also protecting your bottom line.

Policies & practices

No matter the size of your organization or how many people you’re moving, it’s essential that you have policies and practices in place to guide your employee mobility strategy.


Get access to key services that help you achieve your business goals in the mobility space. Mercer can help with education cost tables, RFP management, home country tax profiles, and more.