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Take a deep dive into today’s hottest HR topics

Take a deep dive into today’s hottest HR topics

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Looking to understand and address the hottest HR topics affecting today’s organizations? Mercer’s got you covered with a comprehensive selection of key insights, products, and resources.

From building a culture of belonging through high-powered Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives to designing comprehensive flexible work policies—it’s up to you to tackle the most pressing HR issues and lead your organization into the future.

Whatever challenges your company is up against in today’s fast-paced environment, you will find the answers to your questions with Mercer.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

Improving DEI is an obvious “must,” but the strategy for doing so effectively isn’t always so clear.

Flexible work

Flexible work is becoming the norm—it’s not just temporary. With the right policies in place, your employees and your organization can make the most of it.


Incentives are key for motivating and engaging your high-performing workers. Get the data you need to design your plans today.

Pay for skills

Identify emerging skill sets—and those that are becoming obsolete—so your organization can keep up with your evolving industry.

Hourly Workers

Finding and keeping qualified hourly workers is a challenge in today’s labor market. Take your strategy from reactive to proactive.