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The talent market is heating up, workers are leaving jobs at an unprecedented rate, and employees’ needs have shifted during the pandemic. This is putting new pressure on employers when it comes to finding and keeping talent. In fact, 70% of employers say they are reevaluating compensation and benefits in response to employee attraction and retention challenges.* Your total rewards strategy can demonstrate an immediate message of value to your employees and it can help secure your workforce. Using current, relevant data that reflects the market and how it’s changing is a good place to start.

Participate in a Mercer survey today so that you can:

  • Right-size pay across your organization
  • Address inequities by making consistent, data-backed decisions
  • Set and adjust policies to stay competitive beyond the pay check

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What does survey participation mean?

Participation at Mercer means you tell us what’s happening in your organization – from what you pay and how you allocate vacation time to how you move people. Our team then reviews and aggregates all the information to produce the benchmark data you need to make decisions with confidence.

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Mercer Comptryx

This premier online solution for technology-focused companies provides 4-in-1 industry benchmarking of international compensation and key workforce metrics.

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US Benefits Benchmarking

This survey collects all benefits information (Health & Wealth) to provide insights for prevalence, values, and total remuneration.

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Alternative International Assignments

Features policies for temporary assignments, short-term assignments and other common alternatives to long-term assignments.

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On-demand webinars

Mercer Data Connector webinars

Mercer Data Connector webinars – In these webinars explore what is Data Connector, how to access, general recommendations, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Participation webinars

These webinars explore 101 tips for survey participation, job matching guidelines, what’s new for 2022, and more.

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*Mercer Pandemic Survey Series; July 2021