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Establish the right standards and expectations for managing your unique workforce

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From overtime policies to flexible work programs to sign-on bonus requirements, there's a lot to consider when dealing with HR policies and practices. With so many factors to consider, leveraging the right data points to inform a solid strategy will help you to keep your policies functioning optimally and attracting top talent.

Ensure your management approach to day-to-day operations are clear, consistent, and relevant using Mercer’s surveys and reports around key policies and practices.

Compensation Policies & Practices Survey

Go beyond the paycheck to explore other areas of employee compensation, such as overtime rules, perquisites, work arrangements, and much more, to take your compensation strategy to the next level.

Contact Center & Customer Service Policy Survey

Learn how policy elements within a contact or customer service center, such as flexible scheduling, career development, and talent management, impact not only your employees, but also the clients they service.

Clinical Pay Practice Survey

Designed for the healthcare industry, develop and optimize a robust compensation strategy analyzing shift differentials, on-call and call-in pay, tuition reimbursement, and more.

Flexible Working Polices & Practices

As many organizations lean towards flexible work options it’s important to establish what flexibility looks like for your employees. The Flexible Working Policies & Practices Survey is designed to measure what options are offered to employees and provide you with insight into what other companies are doing and how your approach compares.

Global Compensation Planning Report

Gain insight into salary increase budgets and economic data for the previous, current, and upcoming years to ensure that your budgets remain on trend, no matter where in the world you operate.

HR Quick Reference Reports – US Edition

Powered by Talent All Access®, quickly get to the HR data and reports you need related to benefits, compensation, salary increases, general policies and practices, workforce movement and more.

Incentive Plan Design

Assess key design elements of your short-term or sales incentive program, including plan eligibility, funding mechanisms, payout formula options, and more, to make sure your plan is calculated to steer your company toward the outcomes you need.

Leave Programs

Gain insights into market practices and statutory requirements for leave programs including parental, adoption, bereavement, vacation, and more. Find out what is commonly offered and whether your policies are competitive.

Mercer/Gartner IT Jobs & Skills Survey

Secure the critical technical talent your organization needs with insights into skills premiums, retention bonuses, sign-on bonuses, and more for the hottest jobs and skills in IT.

Transportation policies

Times have changed, but the value of car and transportation benefits to your employees has not. In this report, review car policies, public transportation assistance, rewards for choosing green methods, and more.

Worldwide Survey of International Assignment Policies and Practices

Staying up-to-date on mobility program management is key to maintaining or improving your competitive position. Use this survey, built off the industry’s largest and most comprehensive survey database, to take a look at trends in the industry and how policies are affected.

Alternative International Assignments Survey

With the increasing diversity in employee assignments, many organizations utilize multiple assignment types. Take a look at how multinationals are able to manage multiple assignment types from short-term, to commuter, to one-way transfers, and more.