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Today, it's more important than ever to get base pay right. Rapid technological advancements are transforming the jobs landscape and when it comes to hiring, and keeping, the employees you need for those in-demand jobs, competition is tough. Having access to accurate salary surveys is a must as your organization looks to realign pay, focus on retention and address pay transparency and pay equity concerns. The good news? Getting pay right doesn't need to be challenging.

Mercer salary surveys give your human resources team the confidence to build defensible reward structures, identify pay premiums for high demand job, and execute on other important aspects related to employee compensation. No matter the size or scope of your data needs, Mercer helps you understand current market salary research trends to set you apart from the competition.


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General industry surveys

Compare your compensation data levels to those of your true labor market competitors for those jobs where specific industry doesn't matter.

Industry surveys

From energy and mining to healthcare and retail, Mercer offers salary survey resources that help you determine what you need to pay to compete in your industry.

Hourly pay

Take your strategy for hourly positions to a new level with insights on both what to pay and how to pay these critical employees.

Executive rewards

Developing a competitive offering for executives can get complicated, because salary is often not their biggest concern. Understand how to attract, retain, and motivate leaders while meeting shareholder and company objectives.

Global pay data

Design competitive compensation packages worldwide with comprehensive salary survey data and insights for pay around the globe.

Prevailing wage data

Access the critical market salary data you need for complex international recruiting matters, including PERM prevailing wage, US H-1B visa applications, and more.

Survey participation

Find valuable tips and guides to improve the efficiency of your survey participation.