employee benefits benchmarking

Are you offering future and current employees the benefits they want?

Are you offering future and current employees the benefits they want?

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Top talent is more attainable with better benefits. As the workforce evolves, so do the preferences and expectations of employees. Benchmark your benefits against other organizations to ensure they align with the new shape of work.

From paid time off to transportation assistance to mental health support, Mercer’s employee benefits surveys, tools and reports provide critical insights to support the design of a top-notch total rewards offering.

Transportation policies

Times have changed, but the value of car and transportation benefits to your employees has not. In this report, review car policies, public transportation assistance, rewards for choosing green methods, and more.

Leave Programs

Gain insights into market practices and statutory requirements for leave programs including parental, adoption, bereavement, vacation, and more. Find out what is commonly offered and whether your policies are competitive.

Global Inclusive Benefits

Gain insights into how organizations are structuring benefits to provide equal access for every employee regarding LGBTQIA+ benefits, preventative care, mental health, and more.

Statutory & legal

As the laws and regulations governing benefits change, tracking reliable information can be difficult. Use this guide to global employee benefits to understand both the context of mandated benefits and the supplemental pieces that companies typically offer, along with legislative updates.

Social Security & Medicare

Millions are anticipating retirement in the coming year. This prospect also brings the need for information and planning. Mercer offers easy-to-understand booklets that can provide your employees with all the information they need as they plan for their next phase of life.

Global publications & tools

Attract, preserve, and inspire your workforce around the world using the latest global research, insights, and tools.

Magazine Rack

Demonstrate your organizations commitment to supporting employee well-being by providing access to a digital library of professional curated content covering well-being and work-related topics.

Employee benefit videos

Bring your benefits to life and boost employee understanding with digital learning videos. These professional videos provide simple explanations for common health benefit topics.

Mental health support

Help your employees find real help for real issues with BetterDays, an interactive mental health tool to support your employees’ well-being.

Virtual Fair

Whether it’s a virtual benefits fair, a virtual career fair or some other communication campaign, educate your employees in an easy-to-use and engaging digital way using a Virtual Fair.