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Attract and retain critical skills by advancing pay-for-skills

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Only 25% of companies consider themselves successful in classifying, tracking and rewarding skills

The skilled talent you need may be working for you today, but will they be there for you tomorrow? As industries develop and organizations change and grow, skill gaps appear, and certain skills become obsolete. To propel your organization forward, you need to fill those skill gaps efficiently, either through precision hiring or by redeploying or reskilling employees. Many organizations are finding it challenging to make timely decisions about whether to reskill, recruit or outsource for a particular skill because they lack good information. Only 25% of companies consider themselves successful in classifying, tracking and rewarding skills. We can help.

Introducing Mercer Skills-Edge Suite

Mercer Skills-Edge Suite is an integrated service offering of consulting, technology and data that gives you the information and insight you need to advance skills-based talent and pay practices across your company.

Understand which skills you have and which skills you need

Set up your organization for a successful future by implementing a robust skills strategy. By proactively filling skills gaps and paying for the skills most important to your organization, your team will become more agile, flexible and future-proof.

Balance your short-term tactical needs with longer-term transformational objectives with these flexible products under Mercer Skills-Edge Suite.

A skills taxonomy based on market data, curated by Mercer and mapped to the Mercer Job Library. Knowing what skills your organization will focus on is the first step in using skills data to support your organization’s strategy.


This self-service web application offers a view as to which skills are influencing the pay of a selected job. This skills-based market approach allows you to determine which skills are most valuable to your organization in attracting and retaining in-demand talent.


An AI-driven tool designed to arm organizations with intelligent pay at the employee level - based on business strategy - combining skill scarcity and business criticality, along with other business-related employee performance data.
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Moving from jobs to skills

The way we think about compensation is changing:

  • agile workforce management increases the need to identify, retain and move high-demand skilled talent
  • COVID landscape demands efficiency and not losing the right talent
  • digital and tech skills, as well as gig workers are becoming more prevalent in the workplace

In order to secure top talent without overpaying, companies need a better understanding of demand & competitive rates. A skills-driven approach is needed to help you future-proof your business.

Mercer provides a comprehensive solution that includes data, technology and consulting to help you implement a skills-based approach throughout the entire talent management lifecycle.

By moving from jobs to skills, your workforce will become more agile and flexible. It also helps you improve employee engagement, turnover rates, talent acquisition and productivity.


For whom

Set your organization up for a successful future by implementing a robust skills strategy.

By proactively filling skills gaps and paying for most important skills, your team will become more agile, flexible & future-proof.

Benefits for your HR functions:


For compensation specialists looking to optimize their budget: Our solutions allow you to match skills to jobs for better, more productive employee placements. When you have the right skills in the right positions, teams can be more productive and save you money. Unlike other solutions, our skills are already curated and mapped to our job library to simplify the process of onboarding skills to your jobs.

Learning & Development (L&D)

For L&D professionals seeking to create and recommend learning opportunities: Mercer Skills-Edge Suite lets you focus learning on skills, which can have more impact on your company and individual employees. Unlike other solutions, Mercer Skills-Edge Suite enables skill gap analyses which help you identify which segments of the workforce to focus on.

Talent Management

For Talent Managers who must attract & retain top talent, Mercer Skills-Edge Suite allow you to focus on key skills, not just job descriptions. Unlike other solutions, not only can you focus your search on skills, but also have more data on trending & high demand skills. A transparent, skills-driven culture allows you to get the right people in the door and retain them, so you don’t have to fill the same spots over and over.

Workforce Planning

For workforce transformation specialists looking to future-proof their organizations: Mercer Skills-Edge Suite highlights what skills to focus on in your workforce. Unlike others, we provide data which allows an understanding of which employee segments should be the focus of upskilling efforts – delivering a more cost-effective way to prepare for the future.

HR Business Partners (HRBPs)

For HRBPs who need to retain top talent and create an engaging company culture: Mercer Skills-Edge Suite enables you to create a skills-based culture that drives engagement throughout the company. We provide offerings across the entire talent management lifecycle to give you the most holistic approach to skills.

Products overview

Mercer Skills-Edge Suite at a glance

Skills Library Skills Pricer Skills Pay Planner
Feature A market-derived, Mercer-curated skill taxonomy mapped to Mercer Job Library that aligns with our products to address any number of use cases. This self-service web application offers a view as to which skills are influencing the pay of a selected job. This skills-based market approach allows you to determine which skills are most valuable to your organization in attracting and retaining in-demand talent. An AI-driven tool designed to equip organizations with intelligent pay recommendations, based on business strategy, skill scarcity, and role criticality in combination with other business-related performance data.
Function Mercer Jobs Library is augmented with curated skills data to deliver a dynamically updated skills library. Uses predictive modeling to evaluate market demand for skills to determine skill impact on pay, and highlight emerging and declining skills. Uses machine learning to aggregate multiple data sources on skills along with employee performance and other business-critical data, to provide a base pay recommendation for individual employees.
Benefit Add a skills dimension to your job library. By updating your job master data, you build a data foundation for other skills needs. Make informed talent acquisition decisions and address skills-based compensation throughout the employee life cycle. Skills supply, demand, impact and relevance is provided per job. Manage talent effectively and impartially via skills-based reward. Make the transition with tools that link skills to pay at the employee level.
Data Requirement No data is required from you to use Skills Library. No data is required from you to use Skills Pricer. Certain employee data is required in order for Skills Pay Planner to provide skills-based rewards recommendations at the individual employee level.

Skills Library

Lay the groundwork for skills-based decision making

Do you have the skills you need to succeed? Are you looking to understand your skills requirements and current bench strength?

Create a skills adoption roadmap, align your organization to it, and identify and map the highest priority skills needed to succeed in the future. The Skills Library helps your organization in multiple ways, including building up skills on current roles that can lead to insights on employee career paths and reskilling opportunities.

Incorporate skills into your talent strategy fast with the Skills Library

Don’t waste time digging through data or trying to create your own custom taxonomy. Mercer’s Skills Library maps 3,000 unique skills to over 4,700 jobs in our Mercer Job Library, making it the fastest way for Mercer Job Library customers to incorporate skills into their strategy. Not a Mercer Job Library client? No worries, we’ll match your jobs to our Library in no time to get you started quickly.

The Skills Library offers a skills taxonomy based on market data — the first step in adding skills to your organization’s pay strategy. We update our Skills Library regularly throughout the year, so you can stay up to date on emerging, evolving and declining skills.

The goal of the Skills Library is to provide an integrated, data-driven framework to help deploy skills-based solutions across a wide range of business domains. Organizations that start with a common agreement on what skills are most important for their strategies experience the best success in using skills for hiring, learning, and rewards.

Skills are mapped to a global job taxonomy — the Skills Library includes data that is globally applicable, allowing you to implement a skills framework across your organization, quickly.

How does Skills Library work?

  • Skills Library allows you to curate skills from a variety of supply and demand sources.
  • Raw skills data are obtained via large-scale data collection efforts that target millions of online job profiles/descriptions.
  • The Skills Library is updated routinely throughout the year, adding new and emerging skills, modifying existing skills, and removing obsolete skills.

What’s included?

The skills included in the Skills Library span a variety of traditional categories such as: competencies, qualifications, certifications, hard and soft skills, as well as regionally specific needs. By including all these under the skills umbrella, clients can define roles by the critical needs to succeed in the job.

Example use case:

We naturally describe a role by listing the needs for the person we need. You might be seeking to fill a cost account role and need someone that is obviously good at: accounting, communication skills, have experience with M&A, use Tableau for statistical analysis, and have certain certification for a particular country. Those elements underlined are in the Skills Library, because they are what naturally a person lists as skills for the role.

Skills are structured in three Mercer Job Library arrangements that are orientated around type of work and organizational level: Job, Core Job, Specialization:

Mercer Skills Library content


Skills Pricer

Determine which skills are most valuable to your organization

Skills Pricer is a self-service web application which shows which skills are influencing the pay of a selected job. Through this skills-based market approach, you can determine which skills are most valuable to your organization in attracting and retaining in-demand talent.

Our interactive platform enables you to see the impact of skills on pay. Skills Pricer uses predictive modeling to evaluate market demand for skills and highlight emerging or declining skills.

Mercer’s proprietary algorithm leverages our Total Remuneration Surveys, the world’s most robust salary data source, to provide guidance on which skills are most valuable to your organization when rewarding, attracting, retaining or upskilling talent.

How does Skills Pricer work?

Skills Pricer uses predictive modeling and multiple data sources to show you supply and demands for specific skills and help you understand trends. Backed by powerful compensation insights and advanced analytics, Skills Pricer unlocks data to guide your decisions on how to determine the your pay strategies for acquisition and retention. Working through the data and statistical model, Skills Pricer gives a viewpoint on the criticality and scarcity of each skill for each job.

Functional benefits of adopting Skills Pricer:

  • Incorporate understanding of supply, demand and impact of key skills on pay at the job level - into attraction, retention or pay review decisions.
  • Instantly aggregate data from multiple sources to create an equitable compensation.
  • Become a transformational leader in your company by accessing tools & data to unlock pay for skills.

Example use cases for Skills Pricer:

Understanding the potential value of a skills can be used in various capacities:

  • Recruiting may want to review market demand and supply to adjust offers for candidates that exhibit critical skills.
  • Retention teams may want to look at data on skills to determine bonus offerings.
  • Compensation teams may use the data to consider adjustments on certain roles to ensure competitive pay plans.

Skills Pricer:

  1. Leverages Mercer Skills Library to extend the use of skills into market insights by skill
  2. Maps the value for each skill by combining criticality and market availability data
  3. Delivers insights on demand, supply, relevancy, and pay adjustments to an interactive web-based dashboard


Skills Pricer in action:

  1. Simply select target geography and search job 
  2. View market base pay alongside skills supply, demand, impact and relevance information for that role
  3. Gain insights that facilitate informed talent acquisition, retention and reward decisions 


Skills Pay Planner

Reinvent your rewards program with pay-for-skills

Skills Pay Planner enables you to incorporate understanding of premiums of certain skills into your annual compensation planning review, to prevent your most valuable skills from falling behind the market and becoming a flight risk. It is an AI-driven tool designed to arm organizations with intelligent pay recommendations at the employee level, by combining internal skills strategy, skill scarcity, business criticality, and business-related employee performance data.

Automate the process for pay recommendations

Skills Pay Planner helps you to eliminate individual bias in your pay philosophy and align reward with critical skill sets while automating the pay recommendation process. By providing intelligent pay suggestions, Skills Pay Planner helps ease decisions about how to reward your employees.

The system provides you with control on how to make pay recommendations within budgets. Mercer advisory partners with you to tune the system using your data to meet business strategies. The system can be also configured without skills in the equation, using prior historical data and current ranking systems to drive decisions.

How does Skills Pay Planner work?

Skills Pay Planner generates intelligent automated pay recommendations by integrating company, employee and external benchmark data with your unique business strategy via a predictive machine learning algorithm. Skill needs within the organization, the difficulty to obtain those skills, employee base pay competitiveness, performance, career potential and even retention risk are all reflected in salary increase recommendations.

Data plays a pivotal role: the models needs market, company, and employee level data.

  • The machine learning model looks at each individual’s past performance rating and other metrics such as base-pay competitiveness.
  • The model requires inputs that inform it about skills that are a priority for the business and desired investment levels.

Applications of Skills Pay Planner

  • Use Skills Pay Planner as a simulation tool for compensation and rewards teams to test the impact of skills and other factors on pay. It allows organizations to see the shifts from current process to new philosophy, in order to prepare for implications and change management.
  • Advance to using Skills Pay Planner to guide managers when it comes to compensation adjustments creating equity in how pay adjustments across the organization.

Skills Pay Planner in 3 steps:

  1. Combines business strategy and company data
  2. Runs a predictive machine-learning algorithm
  3. Makes pay suggestions at the employee-level

Bring a skills lens to your salary review process:

  • Log in to see your pay recommendations based on company skill strategy as first step in compensation review cycle
  • Review detailed rationale for each employee pay adjustment
  • Deploy compensation changes with supported AI recommendations for robust compensation discussions


  • Drill down into recommendations on an individual employee basis
  • Explore influencing factors at a granular level
  • Make pay recommendations with confidence

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