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If you’re in Human Resources you’re likely being asked to do more than ever before. Most importantly, you're responsible for finding, keeping, and motivating your current and future employees – a task that may seem insurmountable at times. For those jobs that require specific industry experience, it's vital that your business has a dependable data source to implement your compensation strategy and compete in today’s labor market. Having the right industry data, readily available empowers you to set your pay levels with confidence moving you closer to the pay transparency your workforce desires.

Make your job a little easier and plan more effectively using data on US industry trends, insights, and outlooks. Benchmark your compensation and rewards against those of your competitors. With topical surveys and reports that go beyond compensation, ensure you have the right information to address key parts of your employee value proposition like flexible working.

Keep up with the latest talent trends so that your company is positioned for the workforce of the future.

2022 compensation survey data is now available! Comprehensively benchmark positions, evaluate incentives, ensure budgeting is accurate, and minimize any surprises using the latest Mercer industry solutions on the market.

Consumer goods

To achieve growth and brand differentiation, you need the right data to attract the top talent.


Even in the face of industry volatility, gain a competitive edge with a data-backed strategy.


Keep up with industry changes by attracting and retaining the talent you need across numerous engineering disciplines.

Financial services

Innovation, regulatory changes, and technology are transforming the industry. Properly prepare your company for the future.

General industry

With reliable and accurate insights, know exactly what to pay employees across functions, geographies, and industries.


Make data-backed decisions in today’s tight labor market — for your organization and your patients.

High Tech

Attract and retain qualified technical talent to position your organization for an innovative future.

Life sciences

Staff your organization with exceptional talent in an industry that never stops.

Retail and Hospitality

Continue to move forward with the right strategy to meet customer demand in this “new normal.”

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