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Employees today are looking for more than just a job: what they really want is a meaningful career. One crucial component of a prosperous career is a robust compensation package. Having a sound strategy for how you design and deliver employee compensation as a human resources leader is key for attracting top talent.

The US MBD: Mercer Benchmark Database delivers critical insights on how much to pay your employees of all skill levels and career streams—from traditional benchmark positions to emerging roles. The MBD allows you to harness valuable data on a broad range of jobs, including those in position families such as:

  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Information technology
  • Sales
  • And many more

These compensation metrics are available within nine survey modules to ensure you have the vital market data for the position(s) that you need.

Unlock your workforce potential by rethinking your compensation strategy

Participation Open: February – April

Results Publish: August

2019 Results Available

  • 7,412 positions published
  • USD 9,050 – 20,000
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Sample report

Position list

Survey Modules # of Positions # of Organizations
Corporate Services & HR 1,324 2,707
Engineering and Design 746 1,547
Executive 1,551 1,948
Finance, Accounting, and Legal 1,378 2,504
Mercer/Gartner IT 1,635 2,235
Logistics and Supply Chain 652 1,994
Manufacturing and Operations 740 1,623
Sales, Marketing, and Communications 1,187 2,374
Metropolitan Benchmark 3,904 2,940
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Product Details

Survey Statistics

  • # Positions Surveyed: 8,618
  • # Positions Published: 7,412
  • # Organizations: 3,074
  • # Observations: 3,190,730

Based on data from the 2019 US MBD: Mercer Benchmark Database. Data minimum and suppression rules account for the difference between the number of positions surveyed and published.

Data Collected

  • Base Pay
  • FLSA Status
  • Long-term Incentive Eligibility and Grants
  • Organization Data
  • Short-term Incentive Eligibility and Amounts
  • Years in Organization
  • Years in Position

Data Analyzed


  • Banking/Financial Services
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer Goods
  • Energy
  • High Tech
  • Insurance/Reinsurance
  • Life Sciences
  • Logistics
  • Mining & Metals
  • Other Manufacturing
  • Other Non-Manufacturing
  • Retail & Wholesale
  • Services (Non-Financial)
  • Transportation Equipment

Geographic Area

  • National
  • Metropolitan
  • Regional

Organizational Size

  • Assets
  • Gross Premiums
  • Net Revenue
  • Operating Expenses/Budget
  • Revenue/Sales
  • Total Employment

Career Streams Analyzed

  • Executive
  • Management
  • Professional
  • Para-Professional

Position Families Analyzed

  • Administration, Facilities & Secretarial
  • Communications & Corporate Affairs
  • Construction
  • Creative & Design
  • Data Analytics/Warehousing & Business Intelligence
  • Engineering & Science
  • Finance
  • General Management
  • Healthcare/Pharmacy Services
  • Hospitality (Food Service & Lodging)
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • IT, Telecom & Intranet
  • Legal, Compliance & Audit
  • Production & Skilled Trades
  • Project/Program Management
  • Quality Management
  • Real Estate Management, Property Development & Investment
  • Sales, Marketing & Product Management
  • Supply Chain

This survey is powered by Mercer Job Library. Learn more or view Mercer Job Library FAQs for more details. Survey results are delivered in Mercer WIN®, giving you access to the data through a variety of customizable parameters.

2020 Survey participation

Data Submission Tools

Compensation Questionnaire
Questionnaire and DVF FAQ
Job Matching Tool

To participate in a survey, simply download, complete, and submit the compensation questionnaire provided above. You can rest assured that the importance of your data security is not taken lightly at Mercer, so we take the utmost precautions to protect it.

2020 survey participation is now open!

Survey participation is open to all organizations with matching jobs. The act of submitting data to a survey is known as survey participation and your company is then viewed as a participant. Please submit your completed questionnaire before the deadline to participate in the 2020 survey.

Although organizations are not required to participate in the survey in order to purchase results, participants enjoy these key benefits:

  • Discounted survey results
  • Exclusive invitations to attend webcasts and meetings in which Mercer consultants review survey results and field questions related directly to your organization
  • Inclusion in survey results allows you to easily determine your market position using customized reports that compare your data to that of your peers

2020 Survey schedule

  • Participation opens: February 3
  • Participation closes: April 24
  • Results available: August

Participation Webcasts

Attend a participation webcast to better understand the submission process and the survey data that is collected.

US Events & Webcasts

2020 Pricing

2020 US MBD: Mercer Benchmark Database - Excluding Manufacturing and Operations — USD 9,350
2020 US MBD: Mercer Benchmark Database - Including Manufacturing and Operations — USD 10,250

2020 US MBD: Mercer Benchmark Database - Excluding Manufacturing and Operations — USD 18,700
2020 US MBD: Mercer Benchmark Database - Including Manufacturing and Operations — USD 20,500


Product Participant Non-Participant
2019 US MBD: Mercer Benchmark Database Survey Suite (Excluding Manufacturing) USD 9,050 USD 18,700
2019 US MBD: Mercer Benchmark Database Survey Suite (Including Manufacturing) USD 9,950 USD 20,000

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US MBD: Mercer Benchmark Database

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Additional MBD users: USD 1,000
Additional MBD with Manufacturing users: USD 1,200

Additional buying options are available. Call us to learn how you can lock in rates for two or more years and qualify for additional discounts.

Please note:

  • Individuals or companies using Mercer data for consulting services or commercial purposes are subject to different rates. Please call for more information.
  • 2019 results now available.

Survey Schedule

  • Participation Opens: February 3
  • Participation Deadline: April 24
  • Date Effective: March 1
  • Report Available: Early August

Participating Companies

View a list of the participating companies included in the 2019 US MBD: Mercer Benchmark Database here.

Position List & Sample Report

Position List

View the position list and descriptions included in this HR compensation survey to optimize your ongoing compensation and benchmarking efforts.

Sample Report

View a sample report of this survey to see what's included, and learn how easy it is to streamline your salary benchmarking efforts.

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