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Does it feel like you are in a never-ending bidding war for hourly employees? Are you struggling to grow your workforce as the labor market shrinks? Hourly workers are in high demand and short supply, forcing many companies to respond by increasing pay. In fact, 95% of companies surveyed said they are paying above the federal minimum wage. 1 Understanding market demand and pay for the skills you need, in the location you need them, is your critical first step toward winning the battle for elusive hourly workers.

The Mercer Hourly Pay Database gives you access to an entire library of jobs aggregated from across Mercer’s leading general and industry compensation surveys, providing you with hourly pay data for over 3,600 positions! Unrivaled by other sources on the market, this database represents nearly 4,700 companies and over 6.1 million incumbents from across industries, all neatly packaged into a proprietary online tool that allows you to customize searches and scenarios based on your needs. Featuring job family, job sub-family, and job description details, get easy access to important compensation elements, including:

  • Hourly pay rate
  • Annual base salary — including the ability to apply an aging factor to ensure an apples-to-apples comparison
  • Short-term and sales incentives — actual amount and as a percent of base pay
  • Short-term and sales incentives — target as a percent of base pay
  • Short-term and sales incentives — eligibility and receivership
  • Union status percentage

New in 2022 - The Year-Over-Year Trends Report, provides insight into base salary and total cash compensation changes for same incumbents, same jobs at the same organizations, and overall samples.

1 Mercer Compensation Planning Survey – July 2021

Ready for a better way to find and hire hourly workers?
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Product Details

Survey Statistics

  • # Positions: 3,603
  • # Organizations: 4,699
  • # Observations: 6,169,261

Based on data from the 2022 Mercer Hourly Pay Database.

Mercer Hourly Pay Database is aggregated from these leading compensation surveys:

  • Contact Center and Customer Service Compensation Survey
  • Financial Services Suite
  • Healthcare System & Hospital Compensation Suite
  • Mercer Benchmark Database
  • Mining Industry Survey Suite
  • Mercer Total Compensation Survey for the Energy Sector
  • Pharmacy Compensation Survey
  • Retail Compensation and Benefits Survey
  • Mercer SIRS® - Survey Suite

Compensation Items Reported

  • Hourly pay rate
  • Annual base salary
  • Short-term and sales incentive – actual amount and as a percent of base pay
  • Short-term and sales incentive – target as a percent of base pay
  • Short-term and sales incentive – eligibility & receivership
  • Total cash – actual and target
  • Union status percentage
  • Minimum wage data for states, counties, CBSAs and cities that differs from the national minimum wage

Filters/Scopes Available

  • Work context ( with external customers, exposed to hazardous conditions/equipment, works indoors/outdoors, etc.)
  • Mercer Job Library – family, sub-family, specialization, level
  • Job title
  • Industry – super sector, sector
  • Location – state, CBSA, City, zip code
  • Union status

Participating Companies

View a list of participating companies included in the Mercer Hourly Pay Database.

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Mercer Hourly Pay Database is $7,000 and includes access for up to 5 users.

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