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A digital library of professionally curated content covering the full spectrum of well-being and work-related topics.

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Give your employees access to the latest thinking about their health and wealth, all written with your HR goals in mind. This online subscription service covers a wide variety of well-being and work-related topics, that when rolled out to employees, can help your organization demonstrate its commitment to supporting employee well-being.

With Mercer Magazine Rack, your employees have access to a digital library filled with premium content from the New York Times and its affiliates, along with Mercer’s own editorial team. Covering topics from career success and network building to financial planning and healthy living, all content has been professionally drafted and curated to provide employees access to a wide range of timely articles.

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Product Details

When you subscribe to Mercer Magazine Rack, you get:

  • Password-protected access to Mercer’s stand-alone Magazine Rack site for all your employees – there is no limit on the number of users who may access the site
  • 180 professionally drafted and curated articles per year (on average, this is 3-4 articles posted per week)
  • Material covering a wide range of topics, from sustainable living to food & nutrition, family and personal finance.
  • Access to historical/archived content
  • Monthly reporting to track site visits and article views

List of Topics

  • Balance
  • Career & Success
  • Financial Planning
  • Fitness & Exercise
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Learning & Development
  • Living Healthy
  • Mental Wellness
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Family
  • Network Building
  • Pay & Benefits
  • Saving Money
  • Social Impact
  • Sustainable Living


Magazine Rack - 1 year subscription USD 5,000

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Magazine Rack

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  • Sub TitleA digital library of professionally curated content covering the full spectrum of well-being and work-related topics.
  • Short DescriptionMercer Magazine Rack provides regular access to a digital library of professionally written content covering all aspects of an employee’s well-being.
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