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Do you find that you get the same benefits questions from employees over and over again? You know that helping employees understand how their benefits work is important. But an easier, more accessible way to communicate key details would likely save a lot of time and confusion. For many employers, video is the answer.

Bring your benefits to life with Digital Learning Videos from Mercer. You’ll get professional, studio-quality videos that provide simple explanations of common health benefit topics in a series of short, fun-to-watch videos. Digital Learning Videos will help you deliver key benefits education and messaging in a way that employees can easily follow and digest.

By incorporating these employee benefit videos into your overall benefits communication, you can:

  • Deliver a dynamic learning experience more beneficial than traditional text and illustrations alone
  • Simplify complex information through a familiar and fun medium
  • Offer education on demand from any device, anytime
  • Accommodate diverse learning styles by providing engaging video
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Product Details

Developed with our benefits expertise and understanding of employee educational needs, these modern, colorful motion-graphic videos fit within any budget. Video embed URLs are provided with purchase, allowing you to post the videos on your website or employee intranet. There is no customization available.

Videos Topics Available

  • How does health insurance work?
  • Which medical plan should I choose?
  • How can I save money on health care?
  • Where should I go for care?
  • What is a copay?
  • What is coinsurance?
  • What is a deductible?
  • What is a premium?
  • What is an out-of-pocket maximum?
  • What is a CDHP?
  • What is an HDHP?
  • What is a PPO?
  • What is an EPO?
  • What is an HMO?
  • What is an FSA?
  • What is an HSA?
  • What is an HSA? (with company contribution)
  • What is an HRA?
  • What is accident insurance?
  • What is critical illness insurance?
  • What is hospital indemnity insurance?
  • What are strategies to stress less?
  • Life insurance: How much do you need?
  • Tips for balancing the demands of work and personal life
  • How does long-term disability work?
  • Tips for overcoming career roadblocks
  • What are the basics of retirement planning?
  • How to boost your personal brand to support career success
  • What are voluntary benefits?


Product   Non-Participant
1–4 videos   USD 2,000 each
5–9 videos   USD 1,500 each
10-19 videos   USD 1,250 each
20+ videos   USD 1,000 each
Entire video library (29 videos)   USD 25,000 each

You may purchase the entire video library or only the videos you need. If purchasing individual videos, the cost is determined by the number of videos you select. Video usage via the provided embed URL does not expire.

Please note, volume discounts will be applied to your order once products are in your cart.

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Digital Learning Videos

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  • Sub TitleBring your benefits to life and boost employee understanding with video
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