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Optimize your executive compensation strategy

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Now more than ever, effective, innovative leadership is required to drive immediate success for your organization as well as for the future. As your company continues to move forward in today’s changing market, ensure you’re allocating budgets appropriately in order to secure the leaders your organization needs.

Learn exactly what to pay your management positions with the US Mercer SIRS ® – Executive Survey. Covering the High Technology–STEM and Life Sciences industries, assess your compensation strategy across 15 benchmark families, which include:

  • Engineering and Sciences
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain
Are you ready to optimize your executive compensation strategy?

Participation open: March - May

Data effective: April 1

Results publish: August

2021 Results Available

  • 662 positions published
  • USD 4,600

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Product Details

Survey Statistics

  • # Positions Surveyed: 1,723
  • # Positions Published: 662
  • # Organizations: 690
  • # Observations: 65,322

Based on data from the 2021 US Mercer SIRS - Executive Survey. Data minimum and suppression rules account for the difference between the number of positions surveyed and published.

Data Reported

  • Market context
    • Industry Context
    • Compensation planning
  • Compensation trends
    • Total Cash Pay Mix
    • Job Family Analysis
    • Incentives
    • Geographic Differences
    • Year-Over-Year Movements

Data Analyzed


  • High Technology - STEM
  • Life Sciences


  • Geographic Scope of Responsibility 
  • Organization Type
  • Regression Analysis

Benchmark Families Analyzed

  • Communications
  • Contracts
  • Engineering and Sciences
  • Engineering and Sciences Support
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Legal and Regulatory
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Quality
  • Sales
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Supply Chain
  • Technical Product Support

Survey results are delivered in Mercer WIN®, giving you access to the data through a variety of customizable parameters.

Participating Companies

View a list of the participating companies included in this survey here.


Product Participant Non-Participant
2021 US Mercer SIRS® – Executive Survey USD 4,600 N/A

Please note:

  • Additional User: USD 750
  • Pricing may vary for multi-entity organizations.
  • Individuals or companies using Mercer data for consulting services or commercial purposes are subject to different rates. Please call for more information.
  • 2021 results now available.

Position list and sample report

Position List

View the position list included in this survey.

Sample Report

View a sample report of this survey to see what's included .

  • Sub TitleOptimize your executive compensation strategy
  • Ordering TypePDF
  • IsOrderingSetNo
  • AdministrativeFees20
  • Compensation GridShow
  • Short DescriptionTotal direct compensation data for executive roles in life sciences.
  • RegionUS

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