Global Mobility Benchmarking Guide

A Decade of In-depth Data Trends

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    The 2013 Edition is the latest report available. No updates are planned for the future.

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    While sending employees to different locations is not new, the challenges and complexities related to managing an international workforce have been changing. Organisations have been forced in recent years to rethink the costs of, and return on investment from, global assignment policies.

    To create an assignment package that meets both internal business needs and external competition for top talent, organisations require a full understanding of market practices. This report provides HR personnel with key data and analysis about evolving mobility policies and practices.

    Comprehensive in scope, Mercer’s Global Mobility Benchmarking Guide:

    • Presents data on mobility policies and practices for more than 20 industry categories.
    • Displays policies and practices by region – North America, Europe, and Asia.
    • Compares current terminology and policies with those of 50+ years ago.
    • Provides insights into the emerging home and host locations for international assignments.
    • Sheds light on general trends, including the most popular and costeffective assignment types.
    • Analyses trends in expatriate benefit packages and tax treatments, including whether to keep expatriates in home-based plans or move them to international plans.
    • Explores the additional assistance employers provide to expatriates and families to ensure a smooth transition.
    • Looks at overall trends in repatriation and localisation policies.

    Data for this report is drawn from:

    • Five international assignment surveys, beginning in 2000.
    • Surveys conducted in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s (where available).


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    Global Mobility Benchmarking Guide


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