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When relocating employees, ensure you’re paying them appropriately. The Employee Relocation Calculator allows you the benefit of using both the Cost of Living calculator (previously the Domestic Relocation Cost Comparison) and the Lump Sum calculator.

The Cost of Living calculator report provides you a detailed look at cost differentials for over 11,000 US cities across five key expenditure categories – housing, utilities, property tax, personal tax, and goods and services. Organizations can utilize the results of this report to determine the total cost of living differential from one US location to another.

Mercer’s Lump Sum calculations help organizations determine the appropriate lump sum distribution for employee relocation needs. The calculator can be customized based on your organization’s policy, or employers can use Mercer’s standard assumptions, which are derived from Mercer’s best-in-class mobility data.

Our Employee Relocation calculator is an easy to use, online tool with 24/7 access, with instant calculation results, ability to toggle between calculators based on specific employee situation, and is essential for any domestic relocation program.

How our calculators can help:

Cost of Living Calculator
Problem Solution
Need to reference past calculations All calculations are saved and can be referenced at any time
I have a last minute move and need instant results Accessibility is 24/7 with immediate results
We have remote locations and can’t get data from other vendors Our tool provides data for over 11k locations and allows custom locations to be created
Our organization sends employees to areas with high cost of living Make informed compensation decisions with the output that shows differences in cost of living between both locations
Lump sum calculator
Problem Solution
Need calculations for different employee levels and circumstances The tool offers a custom allowance section where you can change the inputs based on the employee level and situation
I want to run a calculation where certain components are industry standard along with custom components The user can select custom inputs as well as the option to follow Mercer standard assumptions for each separate component
We need to run industry competitive lump sum calculations and not sure where to start You can select the Mercer standard assumptions which is based on industry competitive practice in creating a lump sum
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  • Lump sum calculation- sample
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Product Details

The calculation tool includes:

  • Data for 11,000+ locations
  • Immediate report results – no waiting!
  • Lump Sum calculations
  • Cost of Living calculations
  • 24/7 access
  • Automatic data updates
  • Custom inputs
  • Ability to save calculations and bookmark user preferences
  • Unlimited calculation pricing options
  • Easy filtering by state, city, and/or city-metro area
  • Ability to export to Excel and PDF
  • Chart visualizations


Calculations Lump Sum Calculator Cost of Living Calculator (previously Domestic Relocation Cost Comparison)
1 calculation  USD 250
USD 335
10 calculation USD 200 per calcuation
USD 290 per calcuation
20 calculations USD 180 per calculation
USD 260 per calculation
30 calculations USD 160 per calculation
USD 240 per calculation
*Unlimited calculation pricing available upon request.

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Employee Relocation Calculator

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Lump sum calculation- sample

Report sample

Cost of Living Calculation - sample

Report Sample

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