Global Compensation Planning Report (Canada Edition)

Easily understand the economic climate and salary increase trends to optimize your global compensation planning

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An organisation’s decision to enter a new market or expand its global footprint has a profound effect on the company’s human resources professionals. After all, you’re the ones who need to make the all-important “people” decisions.

In order to make the best decisions for your organisation, you need accurate, updated information on everything from local statutory benefits, to salary trends, to current economic developments.

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Car Benefit Policies Jun 2020 Jun 2021 USD 600
Global Compensation Planning Oct 2019 Jul 2020 USD 500
Global Parental Leave Sep 2018 Jan 2022 USD 750
Global Pay Summary Jan 2020 Jan 2021 n/a
Severance Pay Policies Dec 2017 Jul 2020 USD 900
Vacation and Other Leave Policies Jan. 2020 Jan 2023 USD 900
Workforce Metrics Around the World Aug 2019 Aug 2020 USD 500
Workforce Turnover Around the World Nov 2019 Nov 2020 USD 750
Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines May 2020 May 2021 USD 900
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  • Compensation Planning
  • Pay Summary
  • Car Benefit and Cost
  • Parental Leave
  • Vacation
  • Benefit & Employment Guidelines
  • Workforce Metrics
  • Severance Pay
  • Turnover
  • Talent All Access Portal® — US Edition


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If you need this data for the US please visit the Global Compensation Planning Report (US Edition). And, if you are operating globally, the Global Compensation Planning Report (Global edition) is also available.

This product is included in the Talent All Access® - Canada Edition, where you receive 20+ reports in one easy interface.

Individuals or companies using Mercer data for consulting services or commercial purposes are subject to different rates. Please call for more information.

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Global Compensation Planning Report (Canada Edition)

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Compensation Planning

Optimize your compensation strategy

Gain insight into salary increase budgets and economic data from the previous, current, and upcoming years to ensure that your budgets remain on trend. Whether you’re creating a new salary structure or determining how your budgets compare with your competitors, take a more surgical approach using data.

Robust budget planning information

  • GDP, inflation, unemployment rates
  • Salary review frequency, effective date of salary reviews, and factors used to determine salary increases
  • Actual, budgeted, or forecasted salary increase budgets
  • Percentage of companies reporting zero salary increase
  • Mandatory pay increase schemes
  • Job families and employee levels that are difficult to attract or retain
  • Short-term incentive target and maximum bonuses as a percentage of base salary, frequency of incentive payouts

Pay Summary

Pay data for core benchmark jobs

Evaluate your pay programs using annual base salary and total cash compensation data for 50 benchmark positions across 10 job families. Make efficient decisions with confidence when you use the 2020 Global Pay Summary (US edition).

Benchmark within job families and across your organization

  • Executive leadership
  • Administration
  • Engineering
  • Finance & accounting
  • Human resources
  • Information technology
  • Legal & compliance
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Supply chain

Car Benefit and Cost

Car Benefits & Alternate Transportation Policies
  • Policy overview
  • Green policies
  • Company-owned vehicles
  • Company-leased vehicles
  • Car allowances

Alternate transportation benefits (including personal car or driver, prearranged transportation or shuttles, subsidized or free parking, walking or cycling allowances, public transportation allowance or subsidy)

Car Cost Report

  • Company-owned and leased vehicle costs
  • Car rental estimates
  • Additional information (fees, taxes, insurance; driver’s license; publication transportation; road conditions)

Parental Leave

Are you considering more than the minimum?

Many companies simply rely on current laws and have not further expanded their paid-time off benefits. Other companies have filled the void with additional paid or unpaid leave for mothers and fathers to care for newborn children. Find out whether companies are providing the statutory minimums or going above and beyond to provide additional time off and/or pay to their employees.

Statutory and market practice in one report

  • Statutory requirements for maternity, paternity, parental, and adoption leave
  • Amount of leave time and pay provided in excess of statutory requirements
  • Prevalence of benefits coverage for fertility treatments
  • Childcare assistance options
  • Prevalence of parental leave policies
  • Support programs offered and assistance provided to employees


Competitive leave policies help create a productive workforce

Create competitive leave offerings using reliable market data alongside information on statutory requirements. Find out how your policies stack up against competitors and use the data to help craft or enhance your leave policy.

Moving beyond traditional vacation days

Annual leave policies

  • Vacation days
  • Personal days
  • Holidays
  • Sick leave
  • Paid time-off pools
  • Unlimited leave

Other leave policies

  • Extended medical leave (new for 2020)
  • Bereavement leave
  • Marriage leave
  • Volunteer leave
  • Study or exam leave
  • Sabbaticals

Benefit & Employment Guidelines

Benefits guidance when you need it

As the laws and regulations governing benefits constantly change, tracking reliable information can be time-consuming and expensive. WBEG (US Edition) is an authoritative and cost-effective guide to employee benefits data, to help you attract and retain key talent.

Statutory and market practice in one place


  • Social security
  • Retirement
  • Death
  • Disability
  • Medical
  • Maternity/paternity/parental
  • Social
  • Perquisites and allowances
  • Flexible benefit programs

Employment conditions

  • Severance conditions & termination indemnities
  • Working time
  • Conditions of entry & residence rules
  • Contract of employment
  • Occupational health & safety
  • Industrial relations

Workforce Metrics

Actively manage your workforce to drive change

Your HRIS likely holds a wealth of information that could be put to good use and help to measure your business in a multitude of ways. The various metrics that can be sourced from this data help to quantify costs and understand the impact of the policies, processes and structure your organization has implemented. For example, are there areas of your business that are underperforming? Or are there teams with a management span that is unmanageable and counterproductive? Workforce metrics help to identify issues such as these and enable you to monitor their improvement.

Key and critical workforce metric data

  • Workforce and payroll cost distribution
  • Management span ratios
  • Employee "Churn": Voluntary turnover and new hire rates
  • Employee promotion rates
  • Top performer rates
Note: Data for Workforce Metrics are sourced from Mercer | Comptryx which is largely comprised of metric data from companies in the high tech industry.

Severance Pay

Differentiate your company from your competitors when saying goodbye to staff

Severance programs offer structure and guidance for HR and affected employees that are leaving an organization, while simultaneously ensuring that they are treated fairly and preparing them to re-enter the job market. This publication breaks down and analyzes practices for termination and severance pay, offering unprecedented access into how today’s leading organizations handle this sensitive but critical HR area.

Understand statutory and market practices

  • Statutory requirements
  • Severance pay policy
  • Notice periods
  • Severance payments
  • Payment formula
  • Outplacement services*
  • Covid-19 impact*
* New to the 2020 survey.


Forecast, prepare for, and manage the revolving door of employment

Workforce turnover presents a dilemma to all companies. Some estimate that the cost of losing and replacing a single employee can equal more than twice that employee's salary, with costs increasing further based on the departing employee’s seniority. Be proactive with your talent retention and workforce planning efforts and explore information regarding voluntary and involuntary turnover across six career levels.

Monitor voluntary and involuntary turnover

  • Economic and labor market trends (unemployment, workforce participation, etc.)
  • Voluntary and involuntary turnover by employee level and by industry
  • Workforce changes by industry

Talent All Access Portal® — US Edition

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