Global pay data

Confidently make pay decisions for your global workforce

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Competing for global talent doesn’t stop, even in a tough economy. You must ensure you have the right salary structures and budgets across your locations to be competitive, meet employee expectations, and effectively manage your costs. Our global salary surveys are designed to help you build the right strategies for your global organization going forward.

Total Remuneration Surveys (TRS)

Consistently compare compensation and benefits data across geographies for an accurate, high-quality look at the full rewards package. Mercer TRS is available for over 140 countries.


Get instant access to global pay data for an individual job with this self-service online job-pricing tool.

Global Compensation Planning Report

Gain insight into salary increase budgets and economic data for the previous, current, and upcoming years to ensure that your budgets remain on trend, no matter where in the world you operate.

Global Pay Summary Report

Get concise pay data on global salary trends for 50 benchmark positions across 10 job families in over 100 countries. Data insights into annual base salary and annual total cash are included.

Incentives around the World

Gain perspective on which incentives are commonly offered and how payouts differ by career-level to ensure your short-term, sales, and long-term incentives entice the outcomes your company desires.

Mercer | Comptryx

Designed for technology-focused companies, this 3-in-1 global benchmarking tool provides global pay data and workforce metrics to help you succeed in the new age of work.

Global Compensation Drivers

Build a comprehensive and robust compensation structure that addresses local market nuances. Understand key factors that drive demographic variables and influence pay, such as career level, geographic region, industry, job family, and more.

Talent All Access® Portal – Global Edition

Get a range of premium content for global HR decision-making all in one place. This portal provides access to all of Mercer’s global publications plus online tools and more to make your job easier. Subscriptions include access for up to five employees.