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We understand the importance of reliable data in the unprecedented times of COVID-19 pandemic. Our teams are closely monitoring developments in the countries in which survey dates may be revised. Please refer to the survey schedule for up-to-date survey timelines.

The world's largest and most comprehensive remuneration resource features:


participating organizations worldwide

surveyed jobs

15 Mil
incumbents around the world

With the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, Mercer knows relevant data is critical to organizations. We are monitoring global developments and taking action now to ensure we offer reliable compensation data for our clients in turbulent times.

Learn how Mercer is ensuring data relevance in this fluid year!

The Mercer Total Remuneration Surveys (TRS) provide comprehensive market data on compensation and benefits around the globe. Results are easily accessible through our online platform, Mercer WIN®, to help you optimize your compensation plans.

This easy-to-use source for comparing compensation and benefits data consistently across geographies provides accurate, high-quality data covering the full rewards package. This gives you a complete picture – from base pay to total remuneration and benefits – at your fingertips.

Online data submission made simple!

Submit your data faster with seamless import, online job matching, and real-time tracking with Mercer Data Connector1. This award-winning application saves time and effort with the entire survey participation online. Learn more.

1 available in select countries.

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Total Remuneration Surveys (TRS)

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2020 Special Edition Report

Mercer is pleased to present the 2020 Special Edition, an essential guide to effective decision-making in this time of unprecedented change.

Exclusively for 2020, complemented by the one-of-a-kind country-specific Special Edition Report, the TRS results give you comprehensive information on compensation and benefits around the globe and how companies have been responding to COVID-19. With the Special Edition Reports, we see how the world of compensation and benefits has changed.

Mercer’s annual TRS plus the Special Edition, included in the price, provide organizations with the best “before and after” picture of the market and serve as a critical resource for 2021 planning in what is proving to be a fluid year for compensation and benefits management.

With the Special Edition Reports we know how companies have been responding to COVID-19 in areas such as:

  • Variable pay
  • Salary movements
  • Pay reductions
  • Allowances*
  • Long-term incentives
  • Workforce turnover
  • Workforce reductions
  • Hiring intentions
  • Hot jobs
  • Benefits
  • Remote working arrangements
  • Flexible working arrangements

*MEA and APAC only

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Product Overview

Mercer's Total Remuneration Survey is made up of five components providing a complete picture of total remuneration data.


Base salary
Monthly base salary times the number of months guaranteed


Total guaranteed cash compensation
Base salary plus the annualized value of guaranteed allowances


Total cash compensation
Total guaranteed cash compensation plus the annualized value of short-term incentive, sales incentive, profit sharing or other incentive awards


Total direct compensation
Total cash compensation plus the annualized value of any long-term incentive awards, valued using Black-Scholes methodology for appreciation-based awards


Total remuneration
Total direct compensation plus the annualized value of benefits

Country Coverage

Mercer TRS covers over 140 countries around the world!

Using Mercer TRS, get accurate, high-quality data covering the full rewards package — everything from base salary, total cash, and total remuneration — for a complete picture … at your fingertips.


In today’s talent-demand economy, ensuring your compensation plans are aligned to the market – locally, regionally, and globally – is critical to securing the talent you need to be successful. Mercer provides most comprehensive compensation and benefits databases in the world to assist you with compensation planning and policies development.

The Mercer Total Remuneration Surveys (TRS) provide comprehensive market data on compensation and benefits around the globe. Results are easily accessible through our online platform, Mercer WIN®, to help you optimize your compensation plans. With Mercer TRS, you will benefit from:

  • Global coverage: TRS covers over 8000 cross-industry jobs from executives to para-professional levels in more than 140 countries, covering the full remuneration package.
  • Consistency: TRS provides market data on compensation and benefits around the globe with the same methodology applied in all countries. TRS is underpinned with Mercer Job Library position coding and International Position Evaluation (IPE) systems for global consistency.
  • Reliability: Consistent participation each year which creates a solid representation of the market trends.
  • Versatility: Through Mercer WIN you can analyze the survey results according to your needs and conduct “what if” analysis to instantly measure your competitiveness against the market.

Product Details

Online access

The survey results are delivered through Mercer WIN® which allows you to create custom views, analyze data across markets simultaneously, create unlimited peer groups, refine the market, compare your data vs. the market*, combine jobs, export to Excel, and much more!

More relevant data

With new aggregated roll-ups, relationships between jobs becomes clearer – with data that best reflects your jobs and labour markets. From deeply specialized industry roles to combinations of related jobs within the broader talent pool, analyze competitive compensation industry levels, across related industries, or across an entire labour market.

Survey overview

An overview of the market pay trends relative to the prior year as well as a summary of the economic, political and labor trends in the country.

Benefits & prevalence summary

A summary of organizations’ remuneration policies, which includes salary budget forecasts, compensation mix by employee groups, short-term and long-term incentive practices, as well as benefits.

Actual market data

Market analysis by job including all remuneration values, helping you determine which jobs are more competitive within the market.

Market regression

Market analysis by Position Class (Mercer’s International Position Evaluation (IPE) methodology for job evaluation) for each of the major components of total remuneration.

Custom analysis

Custom statistics tailored to your needs, based on peer groups, industry, revenue size, total employees, and more, using Mercer WIN®.

*only available for participants

Sample reports

Survey Schedule & Pricing

Mercer TRS pricing varies by country and by an organization’s participation status (did or did not submit data for the survey). If you would like to purchase TRS, please contact your Mercer representative. For country coverage and pricing click here.

Need data for more than one location? Choose to get access to the entire global database or a flexible package based on the countries you select. Learn more about the advantages of a Mercer TRS Membership which include:

  • Preferential pricing.
  • A dedicated account manager.
  • Global administration and coordination of participation, invoicing, and delivery.
  • Attendance at annual meetings.
  • Webcast "refresher courses" on Mercer WIN® – an online data analysis tool – as well as other trainings.

Local Meetings

Twice a year, Mercer holds survey meetings in each country. The kick off meetings at the beginning of the survey data collection process and the post survey meetings once the survey results are published. Click here for the complete list of events.

Industry Supplements

TRS Industry Supplements are available in 70 countries and have been designed for organizations that need data for industry-specific jobs (in addition to the cross-industry jobs included in TRS). The schedule (data submission, effective dates and delivery of results) for TRS Industry Supplements is the same as for TRS, so there is no need for additional steps! Find out more here.

We encourage you to contact your Mercer representative to discuss your needs around Industry data.

salary movement snapshot

Complimentary copy of the report upon participation

Pay is extremely important to employees and retaining critical talent is often a top priority. The Salary Movement Snapshot survey (SMS) is conducted four times per year and provides relevant, consistent, and up-to date salary increase data for 90+ markets. With SMS you will also know which markets are expecting high attrition this year, as well as how salary increases vary by performance level, and finally what percentage of employees are expected to receive a promotion.

Don't miss out on your regular Salary Movement Snapshot (SMS) of up-to-date salary increase data and participate now. As a SMS participant you receive a complimentary report for each market for which you provide data.

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact your Mercer representative.

Participate now

Contact Us

For additional information regarding Mercer TRS or to learn how to become a participant, view our complete list of TRS survey contacts or contact one of our regional teams:

T: +65 6398 2324

Australia, New Zealand
T: +612 8864 6985

T: +1 800 333 3070

T: +48 22 434 5383

Middle East/Africa
T: Middle East: +48 22 434 53 83
T: Africa: +27 11 048 14 15

Latin America
T: +54 11 4000 0954

T: +1 800 333 3070

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