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US Pharmacy Compensation Survey

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us pharmacyThe US Pharmacy Compensation Survey provides all the details on salary ranges, pay practices, and trends that are happening in the pharmacy industry. Endorsed by a steering committee of retail pharmacies, health plans, PBMs, hospitals, and long-term care providers; this compensation data is designed to help you overcome the most pressing challenges in the pharmacy industry today such as employee retention, talent acquisition, policy development and implementation.

What’s new with the 2016 survey?
New Positions! Five new pharmacy jobs have been added to the survey, based on client feedback and industry trends. The 2016 survey now includes 50 pharmacy jobs.

This survey is delivered in Mercer WIN®, our Workforce Intelligence Network that provides a single point of access to Mercer survey data and analytics through a variety of parameters – including geography, industry, company size and more – to efficiently organize and analyze information. Mercer WIN enables you to:

  • Customize your analysis by job.
  • Compare side-by-side job descriptions.
  • Change pay elements to support the right level of analysis.
  • Perform function and career-level analysis.
  • Refine your market by industry, location, size, or peer group.
  • Export your data for integration into other systems.
  • Run presentation-quality detail or summary reports.
  • Print a PDF of the survey results.

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Survey Stats
  • # of Pharmacy Positions: 48
  • # of Participating Organizations: 94
  • # of Employee Observations: 343,559+
  • # of Policy Topics: 16
  • Survey Schedule
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