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Help your employees and patients make informed health care planning decisions with the latest edition of the Medicare Booklet.

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With many changes to Medicare every year, people need updated coverage information to make informed healthcare planning decisions. As the nation's largest health insurance program, Medicare is the primary health insurance for the vast majority of people aged 65 years and over. Today's Medicare supplement insurance has new health plan choices and is more complicated than it was only a few years ago.

Give out the 2024 Medicare booklet includes all of the major program coverage changes for this year, along with updated and accurate real-life examples, charts, details on what's covered and what's not, when to apply, and much more for understanding Medicare. Distribute this crucial resource to assist your baby-boomer employees and patients or use it to add value to your communication and marketing programs.

Are you ready to help deliver benefits information that people need for their retirement with this Medicare Booklet?
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The Medicare program is constantly changing, with new tax laws, cost, and benefit amounts for 2024, and much more. Use this one-of-a-kind booklet to keep up with these changes and to add value to your communication and marketing programs regarding the Medicare advantage.

Key benefits of using the “Medicare” booklet

Hospitals and health services: Use as a valuable marketing tool!

  • Give the booklet to your patients and their families at admission to stand out against your competition.
  • Hand out a copy at community events, educational classes, and health fairs as a free giveaway; it’s an instant attention grabber.
  • Mail it to your community to show you care about their future and want to be their hospital of choice.
  • Furnish it to doctors to give to their patients, serving as a reminder of your hospital.

Employers: Use as a valuable employee relations tool!

  • Enclose the booklet in your retirement packets so employees can plan for their healthcare needs.
  • Mail this understandable, inexpensive booklet to retirees and employees to show you want to help them plan their future.
  • Hand out copies at conferences and meetings.
  • Save time by helping employees and retirees answer their own questions.

Limited-time offer — FREE gift!

Order your copies of the Medicare booklet today to receive your free, one-year subscription to Social Security and Medicare News, the quarterly newsletter. Each issue is emailed to you giving you key information to stay current on hot topics and developments in these programs.

Product Details

This trusted, 32-page booklet is your easy-to-understand resource that includes all the major changes for 2024, lots of updated real-life examples, charts, what’s covered and what’s not, when to apply, plus much more.

Topics Covered

  • Medicare Benefits Introduction
  • The Original Medicare Plan
    – Part A (Hospital Insurance) Eligibility, Enrollment, and Benefits
    – Part B (Medical Insurance) Eligibility, Enrollment, and Benefits
    – Preventive services
    – Outpatient services
    – Medicare as secondary payer
    – What is not covered
  • Medigap (Medicare Supplement Insurance)
  • Medicare Advantage (MA), Part C
    – Enrollment
    – Plan options
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Part D
    – Enrollment
    – What do you pay?
  • Helpful Contacts


The 2024 Medicare booklet pricing is below and will begin shipping in mid-December. The more you buy, the more you save with quantity discounts. Preorder your copies today and use your priority 10% discount code Medicare10 during your online checkout.

To order the 2023 Medicare booklet available for shipping now, please send us an email or call 800-333-3070.

Copies Each
100 – 450 $4.65
500 – 950 $4.20
1,000 $3.95
1,000 + Please call

NOTE: Please order in increments of 50 copies. Minimum 100 copies per order. For orders over 1,000 copies, please call 800-333-3070 or send us an email.

Personalized with your information (minimum order of 250 copies).

Your booklets can be personalized with your name and logo for $185 plus 30 cents per copy. Please allow 15–20 business days for processing. Email your high-resolution (300 dpi) PDF to social.security@mercer.com.  

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Orders for the 2023 Medicare booklets are shipped by UPS ground service and are generally processed within two business days of placement. For custom imprint orders, please allow 15–20 business days for shipment.

The booklet is updated annually. Orders for the 2024 edition will begin in October with shipments starting in December.

Customer Testimonials!

“Your Medicare booklet is so easy to understand and answers the common questions people are asking. It is a great addition to our communication program!””

“The booklet gives great examples that help to understand these benefits!”

“We give the booklet out at admissions so we gain appreciation from our patients and their families.”

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