Business travel

Traveling in an ever-changing environment

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Many organizations are redefining their approach to business travel. Even before the recent world events, more flexibility was being built into policies, and the duration of assignments reduced. How business travel continues to evolve is yet to be determined.

What we do know is that short-term assignments are being tracked better, so focusing on extended business trips, frequent travelers, and commuters is needed. You can be confident you have the resources you need to adapt and stay market competitive with the help of Mercer’s high-quality travel reports.

Business Travel Allowance

Cost savings are a priority for most travel programs. This report allows you to determine daily travel costs with rates on hotels, meals, and other expenses.

Airfare Reports

Make informed decisions for managing travel budgets and controlling allowances with an overview of airfare prices for locations and customized dates at your fingertips.

Transportation Allowances

Get insights and guidance for developing transportation allowances with the help of cost data for public and private transportation expenses for more than 450 locations.

Short-Term Assignment Per Diems

If you’re using short-term assignments to quickly transfer skills, knowledge, and resources, this tool allows you to calculate employee compensation for the cost of daily life in an employee’s short-term location.

Rotator Assignments

Stay ahead of the game with information on the latest trends in rotator assignments: demographics, administration, rotation schedule, compensation approach, and more.