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Optimize your compensation strategy to attract top talent

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Creative and authentic messages are at the heart of your marketing strategy. To effectively deliver on this strategy for your clients, you need top talent that not only understands your company’s goals and your customer’s pain points, but can deliver the service and results they expect.

Attract and retain top talent for your agency using the Mercer Global Marketing Compensation Survey. Compare your strategy against your competitors with compensation data collected for over 195 positions from 175 organizations. Streamline your budgeting process with information across 15 countries and five key marketing segments:

  • Advertising
  • Digital and direct marketing
  • Healthcare communications marketing
  • Media
  • Public relations

View the Survey Sectors tab for more information on these marketing sectors.

Are you ready to optimize your compensation strategy?

Participation open: May - June

Results publish: November

2021 results available

  • 195 positions published
  • USD 2,500

Sample report

Position list

  • Product Details
  • Survey Schedule
  • Survey Sectors
  • Contact Information
  • Participating Companies
  • Position List & Sample Report
  • Ordering
  • 2022 Survey Participation

Product Details

Survey Statistics

  • # Positions Surveyed: 203
  • # Positions Published: 195
  • # Organizations: 175
  • # Observations: 110,058

Based on data from the 2021 Mercer Global Marketing Compensation Survey. Data minimum and suppression rules account for the difference between the number of positions surveyed and published.

Data Collected

  • Comp 1 - Base Salary
  • Comp 2 - Guaranteed Allowances
  • Comp 3 - Short-term Incentive Eligibility, Targets, and Amounts
  • Comp 4 - Long-term Incentive Eligibility, Targets, and Amounts
  • Organization Information

Countries Covered

Asia Pacific

  • Australia
  • China
  • India
  • Singapore


  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • US


  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • United Arab Emirates
  • UK

Data Analyzed

Analyzed By

  • Country
  • Expatriates
  • Metropolitan Area (for U.S., China, & U.K.)
  • Organization Accountability (Worldwide, Regional or Office)
  • Revenue (top 6 positions only)

Position Families Analyzed

  • Account Management
  • Broadcast Buying
  • Creative
  • Digital Operations
  • Digital Strategy
  • Interactive Design
  • Media Planning
  • Media Research
  • Production
  • Project Management
  • Research/Planning
  • Top Management

Developed in collaboration with the world’s top advertising holding companies — WPP, IPG, and Publicis. 

Survey results are delivered in Mercer WIN®, giving you access to the data through a variety of customizable parameters.

Survey Schedule

  • Participation open: May 13
  • Participation deadline: June 25
  • Date Effective: May 1
  • Results publish: November

Survey Sectors

Advertising– Create marketing campaigns designed to persuade consumers to purchase or use a certain product or service.

Digital and Direct Marketing– DIGITAL: Promote products and services using digital distribution channels (internet, mobile, and other interactive channels) to reach consumers in a timely, relevant, personal, and cost-effective manner. DIRECT: Develop programs to directly connect with consumers through commercial communication (mail, e-mail, and telemarketing) to drive a specific action.

Healthcare Communications Marketing– Specialize in creating marketing programs for healthcare companies.

Media– Assist clients in choosing the right media for advertising and communications programs, and execute those placements by reserving and purchasing media space and time for the content.

Public Relations– These companies work on promoting and establishing favorable relationships with the public by conveying messages through the media on behalf of a client.

Contact Information

Survey contacts are available by region to answer questions or provide additional survey details.


Asia Pacific:

Jasmine Ng, Singapore, +65 6398 2632,

Other Regions:

Bill Strobl, US, +1 702 884 7208,

Nicole Aronov, US, +1 502 938 8307,

Participating Companies

View a list of the participating companies included in the Mercer Global Marketing Compensation Survey here.

Position List & Sample Report

Position List

View the position list and descriptions included in this marketing salary survey.

Sample Report

View a sample report of this global market survey.


Product Participant Non-Participant
2021 Mercer Global Marketing Compensation Survey USD 2,500

Please note:

Survey participation is open to all organizations with matching jobs and is required to purchase results.

Contact Nicole Aronov at to inquire about becoming a member/participant.

2022 Survey Participation

2022 survey participation opens soon! The act of submitting data to a survey is known as survey participation and your company is then viewed as a participant. Survey participation is open to all organizations and is not required to purchase results.

Why should you participate?

  • Align your pay to the market.
  • Maximize your budget by making informed decisions to ensure you are not overpaying or underpaying.
  • Secure a significant discount on survey results.
  • Receive invitations to exclusive participant-only events.

To learn more about how you can become a participant, please contact us.

  • Sub TitleOptimize your compensation strategy to attract top talent
  • Ordering TypePDF
  • IsOrderingSetNo
  • AdministrativeFees20
  • Compensation GridShow
  • Short DescriptionSalary data for advertising, digital & direct marketing, media, PR & more roles.
  • RegionUS

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