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Mercer Select Global Insights Premium Membership helps you effectively manage your human capital by providing access to continual information on the most critical and current HR trends and practices. This extensive library covers:


Global Car Policies highlights car policy differences across countries, identifies cost-saving opportunities, and provides data to compare your car policies to other organisations.

Worldwide Benefits & Employment Guidelines, which provides in-depth, up-to-date legislative information and statutory requirements, is a leading source of information on mandatory and private benefit practices.


Global Mobility Handbook Volumes 1 and 2* gives practical information to know before, during, and after deploying talent around the world. Volume 1 is for people new to the mobility HR role. Volume 2 offers advanced topics for experienced administrators.


Compensation Handbook explains the components of compensation and pay structures, how to reward employees, and compensation budgeting and planning.

Global Compensation Planning Report presents hard-to-find information on percentage pay increases and economic trends, including gross domestic product, inflation, and unemployment figures.

Global Pay Summary provides current, reliable pay information to help employers stay updated with global salary trends and enable fast, informed decision-making.

International Geographic Salary Differentials compares salaries on a country-by-country basis to help employers make competitive salary allocations and recognise cost-saving opportunities.

Total Employment Costs around the Worldexamines key issues, trends, prevalence, and size of short-term incentives.

Short-Term Incentives around the World identifies cost-saving opportunities in talent recruiting and insights on issues, challenges, planning, and budgeting of total employment costs.


Global Diversity and Inclusion Handbook* addresses global approaches and strategies, stakeholder engagement, employee resource groups, career level challenges, and metrics.

HR Atlas Asia Pacific tracks major economic indicators for this region and includes comprehensive data on crucial issues for managing a growing, mobile talent pool.

HR Management Terms* provides clear definitions and explanations of common HR terms used by industries around the world.

M&A HR Issues around the World* provides an understanding of the key HR issues that may be encountered during a deal’s initial planning phase, implementation, and close.

*This publication is updated on a biannual basis. The next planned update is 2016.


Once you add a Premium Global Insights membership to your Mercer Select membership, you can access the Data Mining & Insights publications listed above (current and most recent editions). When the most current edition becomes available, you will receive an email and can download it from the Mercer Select website.

Join today and enjoy pricing that provides you with a 25% discount off our regular global workforce publication prices and covers five individuals in your organisation.

Pricing: USD20,000 | EUR15,000.

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