2020 Special Edition

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How companies around the world(1) will manage compensation and benefits may look different over the coming months, and Mercer is pleased to present the 2020 Special Edition, an essential guide to effective decision-making in this time of unprecedented change.

Each country-specific Special Edition report complements TRS/MLS/MERG survey results, keeping HR professionals up to speed with both temporary and permanent modifications to compensation and benefits practices as companies respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mercer’s annual survey results plus the 2020 Special Edition provides you with the best “before and after” picture of the market!

(1) Special Edition will be substituted by Data Refresh in Canada and the US. Currently the predominant North America policies and practices are collected via the Compensation Policies and Practices Survey which is an independent survey from the TRS in the region. Therefore, the US and Canada are running an incumbent level update, called Data Refresh, that will measure change in base levels, while also including a short policy section that addresses compensation related policy changes. Learn more

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