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With an increasing number of companies having operations in multiple cities across the US, you need credible salary differential information to stay competitive. The US Geographic Salary Differential Tool allows you to analyze pay differentials for 253 cities and metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) across the US to determine the cost of your staff, all while handling employee relocation to other cities around the country.

This compensation data provides you with pay increases based on actual and projected salary information and also uses the results to translate rates of pay in one location to comparable rates in another, so you can compare compensation data at the city or national level. You can create reports and/or graphs of data for the cities you select and price or export your results. Design your effective compensation strategy to attract and retain the best talent no matter what market you're in.

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What’s new in 2018

With over 2.2 million employee observations, the 2018 US Geographic Salary Differential Tool gives you accurate geographic salary estimates through multiple cities, so you can determine an appropriate workforce compensation strategy across numerous areas of the country.

The 2018 survey results are delivered in a published PDF format and an Excel GEO tool to your account under "My Downloads".

Salary Survey Methodology

Mercer surveys are designed using the most accurate and up-to-date market data practices. Data is collected from HR professionals at participating organizations and then analyzed for validity, thoroughness, and market representation based on the organization's size, structure, geographic region, or a combination of these factors. A minimum number of incumbents, organizations, and distinct organizations are required in order to report each data element. If minimums are not met, the market data is suppressed, ensuring you the highest level of data confidentiality.


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Product Details


  • Number of Positions: 1,900+
  • Number of Locations: 253
  • Number of Observations: 2 million+


Product Price
2018 United States Geographic Salary Differential Survey USD 950
2018 United States Geographic Salary Differential Survey 1-5 Cities USD 300
2018 United States Geographic Salary Differential Survey Additional Cities USD 150
2018 United States Geographic Salary Differential Survey Additional User USD 200

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US Geographic Salary Differential Tool

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  • Data Effective Date: January 1
  • Report Available: February


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  • Short DescriptionAn online tool providing analysis of pay differentials for 290 US locations.