Incentives Around the World

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Motivating your employees to ensure your company achieves its broader goals is a challenge that many organizations face. Gain insight into the types of incentives offered around the world and quickly evaluate how these incentives vary by job family and industry.

What's Inside

Ensure your incentive programs are competitive

An effectively designed incentive program can help drive individual performance and steer your company toward success. With information on short-term, sales, and long-term incentives, you'll gain perspective on which of these incentives are commonly offered and how payouts differ by career level. Take a deeper dive into short-term incentives by comparing by job family and industry.

The Job Family edition also provides short-term incentive data by job family and career level for each market.

The Industry edition also provides short-term and sales incentive data by industry and career level for each market.

Key and critical incentive plan data

  • Eligibility
  • Percentage receiving
  • Actual payout as a percentage of base salary
  • Target payout as a percentage of base salary (STI and Sales only)
  • Reported by career level
  • Short-term incentives by job family
  • Short-term and sales incentives by industry

Did you know that STI eligibility for executives is highest in Uruguay?

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Edition – 2019 Price
Job Family PDF USD 2,000
Industry PDF USD 2,000
Excel Add On* USD 500

*Must purchase PDF; Job Family and Industry Excel Add-On sold separately.

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Incentives Around the World

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Available Markets


  • Argentina*
  • Brazil*
  • Canada*
  • Chile*
  • Colombia*
  • Costa Rica
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico*
  • Panama
  • Peru*
  • United States*
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

Asia Pacific

  • Australia*
  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • China-Beijing*
  • China-Changsha
  • China-Chengdu*
  • China-Chongqing*
  • China-Dalian*
  • China-Guangdong*
  • China-Hangzhou-Ningbo*
  • China-Hefei-Wuhu*
  • China-Nanjing*
  • China-Qingdao*
  • China-Shanghai*
  • China-Shenyang-Changchun*
  • China-Suzhou-Kunshan*
  • China-Tianjin*
  • China-Wuhan*
  • China-Wuxi*
  • China-Xiamen-Fuzhou*
  • China-Xian*
  • Hong Kong*
  • India*
  • Indonesia*
  • Japan*
  • Malaysia*
  • Myanmar
  • New Zealand*
  • Pakistan*
  • Philippines*
  • Singapore*
  • South Korea*
  • Sri Lanka
  • Taiwan*
  • Thailand*
  • Vietnam*

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

  • Algeria
  • Angola
  • Austria*
  • Belgium*
  • Bulgaria*
  • Cameroon
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic*
  • Denmark*
  • Egypt*
  • Estonia
  • Finland*
  • France*
  • Germany*
  • Ghana
  • Greece
  • Hungary*
  • Ireland*
  • Italy*
  • Ivory Coast
  • Kazakhstan-Almaty
  • Kenya
  • Latvia*
  • Lithuania
  • Morocco*
  • Netherlands*
  • Nigeria
  • Norway
  • Poland*
  • Portugal*
  • Romania*
  • Russia**
  • Russia-Moscow
  • Russia-St. Petersburg
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • South Africa*
  • Spain*
  • Sweden*
  • Switzerland*
  • Tanzania
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey*
  • Ukraine-Kiev
  • United Arab Emirates*
  • United Kingdom*
  • Zambia

*Industry data available for these markets only.

**Russia available in Industry Edition only.

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  • Short DescriptionGain insight into the types of incentives offered around the world.