HR Guide to Doing Business

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The HR Guides to Doing Business series is Mercer’s newest offering for persons or companies interested in the mechanics of operating a business in emerging markets around the world. Released throughout the year, these guides give readers a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the economic and regulatory climate in selected countries, and include critical information for any organization contemplating a short-term or long-term investment in one of these countries.

Countries Available

The reports available in this series are Cambodia, Caribbean, Cuba, Iran, Laos, and Myanmar.

Content Included

  • Country Overview presents the history and main demographic facts.
  • Business Landscape discusses the business climate, economic projections, foreign investment, and tax structure.
  • Labour Relations presents information on labour law, employment contracts, working conditions, organisations, collective agreements, and dispute resolution.
  • Compensation provides trends in local pay levels.
  • Benefits section provides an outline of social security benefits and trends in local benefit levels.
  • Working Time and Leave presents regulations on work hours, rest periods, time off, and various forms of leave.
  • Expatriate Considerations address conditions of entry, employment of foreigners, and living conditions for expatriates.