Worldwide Survey of International Assignment Policies and Practices

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Key trends from the WIAPP

An Informed Perspective

With the largest participant base in the market – over 830 multinational companies – the comprehensive and global Worldwide Survey of International Assignment Policies and Practices (WIAPP) survey addresses the most critical policy and practice elements of international assignments and answers prevalent questions in this dynamic field:

  • What are the latest trends in global mobility?
  • How important are mobility premiums in the current economy?
  • Policy segmentation is reported as a trend in the prior survey, but what have companies really implemented?
  • Are companies moving toward a free housing policy, and how does that approach impact other assignment benefits?
  • What elements of your expatriate program administration should be managed in-house or outsourced? Is centralized or decentralized management of the international assignment program better for a company like yours?

The WIAPP also facilitates a review with Mercer's Policy Benchmarking service. We can assess your mobility program using precise benchmarking tools and report on gaps in your program that could be costing you money or valuable competitive advantage. For more information, please contact us or speak to your mobility consultant.

2015 WIAPP Results Now Available!

Reports from the 2015 WIAPP are ready! Purchase the Global Report containing full survey results for each region and an executive summary, or get one of the regional reports:

  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America

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Data Analyzed

  • Current trends in program demographics (numbers, length, type, main home/host locations, gender, nationality, age)
  • Assignment drivers and barriers
  • Policy management (segmentation, trends)
  • Program management, administration and staffing
  • Remuneration approaches, pay delivery
  • Tax and social security approach
  • Cost-of-living/Goods & services allowances
  • Mobility incentives
  • Hardship & danger pay
  • Security and emergency evacuation
  • Rest & recreation leave
  • Housing and utilities
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Travel policy and home leave
  • Spouse and family support
  • Relocation assistance
  • Repatriation
  • Localization
  • Compliance

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Participate and receive preferential participant pricing on 2015 WIAPP results and benchmarking, as well as access to special participant-only benchmarking resources.

How to Participate

  • Visit to complete the survey in English. You can also take the survey in Korean or Spanish.
  • Click on the "Generate Password" button. Enter email address when prompted. This will create a password for you.
  • Begin the survey. You can complete the survey over time by logging in with your password and picking up where you left off.

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