it's time to

listen closer

Your employees are your most important company asset and they have a lot to say. Are you listening?

When you understand your employees’ values, perceptions, and priorities, you can make better decisions that save your organization time, money, and resources while simultaneously giving your employees what they value the most. Moreover, when employees feel heard and valued, they are engaged demonstrating more motivation and high levels of commitment.

You already know employee engagement is important for multiple reasons: it helps drive productivity; minimizes turnover; and promotes general happiness. And, in today’s increasingly remote world, it’s more important than ever. So how can you be sure that you are taking the right steps to drive toward that objective? Listen closely to the feedback, opinions, and ideas of your employees. Listening is key to understanding your employees’ experience and capturing actionable feedback to drive engagement and satisfaction.

Make informed, impactful decisions with a meaningful employee listening program. There are a variety of employee listening tools at your disposal, from crowdsourcing and digital focus groups to pulse surveys and real-time reporting.

Find out how Mercer can help your organization deliver on today’s most important matters in order to drive employee engagement while also meeting business objectives.

Know what matters most to employees

Building and adjusting your organization’s benefits and rewards packages is both an art and a science. Evaluating cost vs. value is a common dilemma faced by employers. Why not ask your employees what they value most?

What do your employees say about your culture?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is top of mind for most organizations right now. Your company may be doing the work to establish a culture free of bias and where everyone feels like they belong but how do your employees view your progress? Need help starting the necessary conversations to drive impactful change?