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Survey participation webinars

Attend these webinars for insights on submitting your data, the fundamentals of participation, and using our submission tools.




Fundamentals of Survey Participation Using Mercer Data Connector

A great overview for clients new to survey participation using Mercer Data Connector or for those needing a refresher. Our team will cover key details about our general industry products, including the Mercer Benchmark Database (MBD), basic participation FAQ’s to job matching, and more.

Retail Job Matching and Participation Meeting

Exclusively for those participating in the Canada Retail survey. Attend this session for a survey overview, details on industry specific fields, and matching guidelines.

2023 North America Life Sciences Job Matching & Data Submission

Watch this session to understand the data collected, how to match jobs, and industry specific topics.


SIRS High Tech Job Matching and Participation Meeting

Hear directly from our Survey team about accessing participation materials, important survey updates and get guidance on job matching with Mercer Job Library. Walk away with all the information you need to navigate participation.