Domestic Relocation Cost Comparisons

Identify cost-implications of a domestic transfer with ease

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Moving from St. Louis, Missouri to San Francisco, California is a big transition with many factors to consider. For your employee, it’s a move halfway across the country, new living arrangements, new friends, and a higher cost-of-living. For your organization, it is understanding the financial impact of the transfer on your employee in order to provide the right incentives as well as the cost implications of those incentives to your corporate budgets.

The Cost Comparison Report for domestic relocations provide you a detailed look at the cost differentials between two US cities. Data for 320 US cities is available. Identify the employee’s current location and the intended transfer location to understand the cost comparison across 5 main areas:

  • Housing differential
  • Utilities differential
  • Property tax differential
  • Goods & services differential
  • Tax differential
Streamline your approach to domestic relocation cost calculations and budgeting.
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Using this data-backed approach to understanding cost-of-living differentials between two domestic locations allows you to confidently defend budget recommendations.

Need information on salaries in different locations? The Mercer Geographic Salary Differentials Tool allows you to analyze pay differentials for 200 US locations based on actual market data compiled from Mercer’s compensation surveys. Create reports and graphs on specific data in selected cities, then easily price or export those results.

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