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The costs of benefits – medical, financial, social, well-being and others – is increasing, forcing many companies to re-evaluate their offerings. Lockdowns, business interruption, and the economic slowdown have also intensified the pressure for cost containment as business finances are strained. Adjustments to the total rewards package are likely necessary, but employees are especially sensitive to this kind of change. Protecting your employee value proposition (EVP) as you reduce expenses is key to keeping and motivating the employees you need to be successful.

When you know exactly what your people want, you can make informed decisions on where to adjust spending. An employee listening program helps you better understand cost vs. value when you know your employees’ thoughts on things like:

  • Pay and benefits
  • Remote work
  • Flexible work
  • Training and development

With the right strategy in place, you’ll be able to protect the employee value proposition—and your bottom line at the same time. Mercer has employee listening tools you need to balance costs with employee engagement.

Contain costs without sacrificing employee engagement.

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Mercer has multiple employee listening tools to help you master cost containment

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Digital Focus Groups

Want to talk to 1,000 employees all at once? Easy! Crowdsource open and honest feedback with 100% anonymity in a live, collective conversation. With real-time results, you can immediately understand what your people value and prefer in their rewards package.

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Mercer iValue (Conjoint Research)

Let employees rank the relative importance of EVP offerings to get actionable insights on rewards, benefits, and other elements of the employee relationship. Easily identify trends by comparing results across employee segments.

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Unmet Needs Analysis

Understand what is most concerning to your workforce inside and outside of work by having them participate in a series of questions. Employees are asked to indicate the biggest and smallest fears they face in their everyday lives giving you rich insights into understanding employees’ unmet needs.

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