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Today's accelerated digital transformation is bringing unprecedented demand for technology jobs and expertise. Keeping up with the blistering pace of change all while understanding the ins and outs of your workforce is challenging.

Mercer | Comptryx, a premier online solution focused on the highly competitive tech industry of today, provides international job benchmarking for a wide array of positions – both tech and non-tech.

Use the rich database to explore beyond compensation. Measure your workforce metrics against your competitors’ in areas like turnover, gender, ethnicity, new hire rates, and more. Reporting quarterly data in over 90 countries for the tech industry and numerous business critical functions, such as cybersecurity, (IoT), data analytics, software and cloud engineering, design an attractive compensation offering to compete in today’s market.

Join the 900+ Mercer | Comptryx subscribers and unlock the crucial insights on global pay and workforce metrics data you need for your tech and non-tech roles.

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  • Workforce metrics module
  • Cost modeling and trends analysis module
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Product Details

With Mercer | Comptryx, gain access to international data for over 150 cities and 90 countries including US, Canada, UK, India, Vietnam, Portugal, Costa Rica, Argentine, and many more.

Key highlights:

  • +900 subscribing organizations
  • +3.8M Incumbents
  • Data modules: Global pay data, Workforce metrics, and Labor Cost modeling and trends analysis
  • DEI, talent flow, and compensation dashboards
  • 4 updates per year
  • Quarterly policy and practices spot surveys on hot topics in the tech industry such as the 2022 results on: crypto as a comp currency, GEO salary differentials, tech staffing changes
  • Easy reporting capabilities and pre-designed templates
  • Self-managed platform with unlimited users

Industry Sectors Reported

  • Aerospace/defense
  • Computer/hardware
  • Consumer Tech
  • Electronics
  • FinTech
  • Internet/E-commerce
  • Networking
  • Professional services/outsourcing
  • Semiconductor
  • Software/SaaS
  • Telecommunications

Featured Business-Critical Functions

  • Algorithm engineering
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud services
  • Consulting
  • Data storage engineering
  • Digital/social
  • Outsourcing
  • Software engineering – apps, UI & mobile
  • Web design/development
  • More!

Compensation data module

Get instant and quarterly updated compensation market data for your tech industry, comprising specific roles as well as cross-functional jobs, using a globally consistent framework that includes executive, management, professional, and support levels.

Refine your search using database cuts by geography (country and city levels), industry segment, company size, and much more!

Total cost to company components:

  • Base salary
  • Fixed base, including country allowances
  • Short-term incentives – actual and target
  • Long-term incentive awards
  • Total cash – actual and target
  • Total direct compensation
  • Fringe benefits (includes statutory and non-statutory contributions)

Workforce metrics module

Getting the right data to understand the composition of your workforce is crucial, now more than ever. Compare the metrics of your organization with that of the competition in areas such as attrition, employee tenure, promotion, gender, and ethnicity.

Key workforce metrics

  • New hire rates
  • Retention rate
  • Promotion rates
  • Turnover – total and voluntary
  • Employee tenure
  • % Male vs % female, % female, wage gap
  • Revenue per full time employee (FTE)
  • Management span of control
  • Employee ethnicity

Cost modeling and trends analysis module

With the Mercer module on labor cost modeling, you have the ability to design virtual organizations on the fly and estimate payroll costs in locations around the world. Find answers to key questions, including:

  • What markets represent the lowest total labor costs to the company?
  • What is our average global total labor cost? Per country? Per region?
  • Are we working in the most affordable locations?

Mercer | Comptryx offers users the capability of analyzing the vast array of pay elements (base salary, total cash, etc.) and workforce metrics (turnover, hiring, promotion rates, etc.) in the online reporting tool. The analysis is available for market pay/metrics data and your own data and can be separated into multiple categories to visualize differences in data trends.

Trending functionality allows up to a 5-year historical analysis of pay elements for key jobs and changes in workforce composition.

Trend analysis - benefits for your organization

Workforce planning

How is the workforce composition of technology companies changing? Is our corporate goal of transitioning R&D staff to more affordable locations being realized? Has our average pay globally decreased as a result?

"Talent Traction", turnover & hiring

Has our strategy to tailor our compensation to better retain talent in key roles resulted in decreased turnover in the years since these programs have been implemented? Are our hiring vs. turnover rates changing in a predictable way that supports our headcount targets? How does our pace of attracting and retaining talent compare with that of our peers?

Effectiveness of diversity programs

Has female representation changed in various roles/jobs in locations across the globe? Is the wage gap closing in our organization on a - job by job and country by country basis? How effective have our diversity programs been relative to those of our peers?

Age/generational analysis

Are there pockets in our population where a significant number of staff are trending closer to retirement age? Given that our management staff continues to of comprise much younger employees as compared to the market, do we have enough experience in our management ranks to lead the company effectively?

DEI, talent flow, and compensation dashboards

Get instant insights into gender wage gaps, age distribution, hiring rates, top performers, promotions, and much more.

Subscription details

The Mercer | Comptryx database is created from our full-census submission model. Subscribers provide a survey data submission for all jobs; not just those in benchmark positions. This allows us to report workforce metrics as a "% of total headcount" and "% of total payroll". We also collect data elements designed to give you additional insights as part of your competitive analysis (e.g. gender, top performers, promotion, tenure, age, turnover etc.).

Pricing is based on the size of your company (number of employees and countries you operate in) and includes access to the entire Mercer | Comptryx dataset – modules and markets. Prices start at 8,500 USD per year.

For more information on participation, pricing, or to schedule a demo, please reach out to our team.

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