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Current information on important topics related to compensation planning

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The 2021 Compensation Planning Pulse Survey has been designed to focus specifically on change in the workforce, such as:
  • Salary increases for the current year.
  • Adjustments for 2021 structures.
  • 2020 performance incentive payouts.

During these unprecedented times, we understand that you need quick answers that reflect the current market.

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have been forced to re-evaluate their workforce and compensation decisions. Until the market stabilizes, we’re committed to keeping a pulse on relevant compensation planning topics and providing you with regular insights.

 Through a series of brief surveys, you’ll gain access to quick answers that meet your immediate compensation planning needs. By participating in the survey you will automatically receive the results for free when they publish. 

Are you looking for current and reliable compensation planning data in Canada? Access the Canada Compensation Planning Survey for insights to help you with your pay decisions. 

Participation open: August 23 – September 3

Results publish: September 20

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2021 Results

Future Compensation Planning Survey Information

Survey Open – August 23
Survey Closes – September 3
Survey Publication – September 20
Topics Covered – 2022 Salary Increase & Structure Adjustment Projections

Survey Opens – November 1
Survey Closes – November 12
Survey Publication – December 1
Topics Covered – 2021 Performance Incentive Projections, Executive Pay Structure, and update to questions from September

2020 Results

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  • Sub TitleCurrent information on important topics related to compensation planning
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  • Short DescriptionCurrent & projected data on pay increases, structure adjustments, and more.
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