Mercer WIN® Core

The foundation for delivering information and simple analysis for Mercer market data

Mercer WIN | Core is the foundation for delivering information and simple analysis for Mercer market data. Now you can have the most detailed and reliable workforce intelligence available, integrated in a platform that’s simple to the point of being automatic.

Complimentary with the purchase of a Mercer market view, Mercer WIN | Core provides access to Mercer data through a variety of parameters – including geography, industry, company size and more – to more efficiently organize and analyze information.

Mercer WIN | Core also makes it easy to combine jobs and position classes to better represent an organization, as well as compare existing data against selected markets.

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Powerful and flexible features let you choose your point of view

Mercer WIN | Core not only makes information easily accessible, but also readily convertible into specific charts, graphs and reports. It gives you the flexibility in arranging, plotting and exporting data by industry, country or other criteria. Plus, you can share the results in real time over the network to improve decision-making.

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Choose the best solution in a sea of data and metrics

Reporting and analytic capabilities built into Mercer WIN | Core allow you to efficiently turn information into workforce intelligence. Using these sophisticated yet simple-to-deploy tools, you can explore, interpret and formulate insights on important human capital decisions and investments.