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Leaders know progress depends on understanding the health of their business. For example, take the labs doctors collect at your annual physical. Good news or bad news, those results are important to know so you can manage your future health. Just like those results, Workday Executive Dashboards are like labs for your business.

Measure your business’s health today to move your organization in the right direction. Whether the direction you are setting is improving the diversity of your workforce, managing your return to the workplace, or a laser focus on revenue and cost drivers, Workday dashboards are an effective way to monitor the pulse of your organization.

Results you need

Workday’s powerful executive dashboards allow you to capture both historical and trending data while leveraging graphs, charts, and visuals to illustrate a holistic picture of your business. Leadership can stay well informed with quick insights based on real-time data. The result:

  • Clarity to gain cost efficient hiring.
    So you can capture savings by reducing time to hire, decide to bring talent acquisition in-house or continue to outsource, discover which job boards to focus efforts.
  • Knowledge you need to increase your retention.
    So you can correlate data and drive insight between attrition and metrics like management tenure, location, pay, professional development opportunities, and career pathing visibility.
  • Insights to create a diversified workforce.
    So you can enrich and broaden perspective, improve creativity, productivity, and better meet the needs of a diverse customer base.
  • Benchmarks to better employee experiences.
    So you can focus the efforts to where it matters most to your employees.
  • Insights to restructure compensation.
    So you can close pay equity gaps and incentivize productivity.
  • Understanding of financial trends.
    So you can maximize revenue streams, improve contract to cash cycles, and find insights to help reduce controllable expenses.
  • Understanding customers in new and insightful ways.
    So you can better target marketing campaigns by region, replicate strengths of leading divisions, and reduce customer churn.

Take full advantage of Workday’s reporting capabilities by adding supplemental custom reports through the executive dashboard function.

With this tool, you can reveal further insights on diversity and equity, finance, and workforce analytics with additional breakdowns and comparisons by gender, race/ethnicity, age, and disability where applicable.

Explore sample dashboards and view scenarios on how custom dashboards can give unique insights into business decisions. Stay on top of the health of your business by understanding your data.

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  • Workforce Headcount Analytics Dashboard
  • Operational Analysis Dashboard
  • Budget Dashboard
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Diversity and equity dashboard

Keeping tabs on your diversity is important. In today’s climate of social unrest, most companies are concerned with DE&I. In the example below, the “Gender” tile includes a high percentage of blanks. This could be an indicator that the organization needs to explore adding additional gender choices to their tracking, or possibly creating a more inclusive environment where people would be comfortable providing gender information.

Additionally, data presented in tiles such as these can help you identify compensation disparities among the various employee categories.

diversity and equity dashboard graph

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Workforce Headcount Analytics Dashboard

To make informed decisions about your workforce, you must first know who you have working for you and then make very intentional decisions on what you would like to see tomorrow. A workforce analytics dashboard in Workday makes it easy, to see top-level measures at a glance with the ability to drill down for additional insight.

The Headcount by Year (Hires and Promotions) tile quickly illustrates that the majority of positions have been filled with external hires over past two years. With this information, you can begin to pose questions to your team to discover what has changed over time and how you can continue to build skills internally to promote from within while protecting your institutional knowledge and enhancing company culture.

Looking at headcount by age and tenure will enable you to prepare for replacement of senior roles as a portion of the staff enters retirement age.

headcount analytics dashboard graph

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Operational Analysis Dashboard

Beyond the typical performance measures of “Are we on schedule?” and “Are we within budget?” an operational analysis seeks to answer more subjective questions focusing on strategic results, financial performance, and innovation.

The dashboard below highlights revenue per headcount and may lead to questions like, “Are there economies of scale that we can get out of Organization A and Organization B?” “Are there hurdles that are unique to Global Modern Services of Mexico that we can remove bringing them closer to the Revenue per Headcount of their US counterparts?”

operational analytics dashboard graph

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Budget Dashboard

While monitoring your expenses and preparing your annual budget, you can use the dashboard to look at broad categories of expenses or drill down into the details. For example, the information presented below may help you to understand if you will save on office expenses in 2020 or ultimately lose money if you bring everyone back in one year. You can determine if the costs are mainly attributable to one-time home set-up of laptops, etc. and consider if home office expenses could be offset in a particular location by keeping the staff permanently remote, thus freeing up rent expenses.

budget 2020 dashboard graph

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