Vacation and Other Leave Industry Scorecard

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Vacation and Other Leave Policies Around the World sKU_8928

As the push for top talent in the tech and start-up sectors spawns revolutionary new approaches to vacation policies, companies must determine how these new solutions fit into their employee value proposition. Find out how your company’s vacation policies compare with industry standards.

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Enhance your EVP with a competitive leave program

Creating and instituting a successful annual leave program is about more than deciding on a number of days. Companies with a multinational footprint must consider how local regulations and statutes dictate the number of days for any given type of leave. Assess your own company’s annual leave policy and compare it to the market standard for 10 global industries.

Understand which areas may need improvement

  • Overall industry rankings
  • Calculate your company's score
  • Industry scorecard quadrant rankings
  • Global prevalence results for each industry


  • Policy elements
  • Annual leave days
  • Holidays
  • Miscellaneous leave days

Did you know the energy industry’s overall annual leave policy ranks the highest among the 10 industry sectors included in this report?

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Vacation and Other Leave Industry Scorecard



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  • Short DescriptionFind out how your company’s vacation policies compare with industry standards.
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