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A robust employee retention strategy starts with key insights

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For 2021 turnover data, please check out the Workforce Turnover Survey. With this survey, you’ll get robust data on:
  • Voluntary and involuntary turnover by career level
  • Voluntary and involuntary turnover by industry
  • Hiring intentions for this year and next year
  • Hiring intentions by industry
With global and single market results available, find the exact data you need.

Visit the Workforce Turnover survey here

As an HR professional, you know that managing employee turnover is essential to the short- and long-term success of your organization. While some turnover may be beneficial by way of revitalizing or fine-tuning your workforce, it can also bring about unexpected interruption to ongoing projects, succession planning setbacks, and costly recruiting cycles. Understanding turnover rate norms and where your organization’s metrics may not align to the market is a good way to start optimizing your talent management strategies to ensure retention of critical employees and skills.

Identify turnover rates across numerous skill levels with the Canada Mercer Turnover Survey. Benchmark against all organizations, or narrow the data by industry and employee group. Compare your staffing and workforce retention metrics to your labor market competitors, using data on:

  • Hiring rates.
  • Voluntary turnover.
  • Involuntary turnover.
  • Retirement separations. 
  • Are you ready to reinforce your company’s talent strategy?
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    Product Details

    Data Collected

    • Involuntary Turnover
    • Retirement Separations
    • Voluntary Turnover
    • Hiring rates

    Data Analyzed


    • Banking/Financial Services
    • Chemicals
    • Consumer Goods
    • Energy
    • High Tech
    • Insurance/Reinsurance
    • Life Sciences
    • Logistics
    • Mining & Metals
    • Other Manufacturing
    • Other Non-Manufacturing
    • Retail & Wholesale
    • Services (Non-Financial)
    • Transportation Equipment

    Employee Group

    • Executive
    • Management
    • Para-professional
    • Professional

    Want to understand turnover trends in the US too? Access the US Mercer Turnover Survey for key insights on turnover by type, industry, and employee group in the US.

    Survey results are delivered in a published PDF format to your account under My Downloads.


    2021 Canada Mercer Turnover Survey CAD 200

    Additional buying options are available. Call us to learn how you can lock in rates for two or more years and qualify for additional discounts.

    Please note:

    • Individuals or companies using Mercer data for consulting services or commercial purposes are subject to different rates. Please call for more information.

    2021 Survey Participation

    2021 survey participation is now closed. The act of submitting data to a survey is known as survey participation and your company is then viewed as a participant. Survey participation is open to all organizations and is not required to purchase results.

    Why should you participate?

    • Align your pay to the market.
    • Maximize your budget by making informed decisions to ensure you are not overpaying or underpaying.
    • Identify “hot jobs” and areas of focus for your company.
    • Secure a significant discount on survey results.
    • Receive invitations to exclusive participant-only events.

    To learn more about how you can become a participant, please contact us.

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