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Parting is such sweet sorrow, but it can be a whole lot sweeter when both sides walk away amicably. Use this interactive scorecard to learn where your leave program is strongest, and reference global data to see how today’s leading businesses handle this key benefit area.

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Re-evaluate your severance policy

Although no one looks forward to terminations, layoffs, or other forms of employee departure, most organizations recognize that a severance package can do a lot of good for all parties. Identify specific policy components that lag behind or exceed those offered by the direct competitors, and learn the standard practices of industries around the world.

Find out how your company compares

  • Overall industry rankings
  • Calculate your company's score
  • Industry scorecard quadrant rankings
  • Global prevalence results for each industry


  • Severance pay policy
  • Notice period
  • Severance payments
  • Payment formula

Did you know the life sciences industry’s overall severance pay policy ranked the highest? But this industry did not perform consistently across all quadrants.

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Severance Pay Policies Industry Scorecard


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  • Short DescriptionAn interactive scorecard to learn where your leave program is strongest.
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