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After taxes, housing represents the biggest expense for any international assignment. Having current data is critical for managing housing budgets when local rental markets can experience rapid price fluctuations.

Mercer Real-Time RentCheck® helps you manage your budget against the ups and downs of the market by providing the latest housing information exactly when you need it. So you spend less time validating data, checking property availability, and negotiating with assignees.

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Mercer Real-Time RentCheck® At-a-Glance

  • Fast — Provides on-demand housing information for a given location within 48 hours* of your request
  • Current — Gives a snapshot of actual market conditions and availability (up to 10 rental quotes for currently available properties)
  • Tailored — Allows you to choose location, cost category, property type, and number of bedrooms based on your assignee's needs
  • Useful — Assists with every aspect of the housing process: pre-assignment housing searches, establishing final housing budgets, lease re-negotiations, and more
  • Immediate ROI — Can pay for itself by reducing the number of assignee home-finding trips, and exception requests for more expensive housing

*Available in major locations; longer time may be necessary for multiple requests in different locations or non-Mercer priced neighborhoods.

Your Mercer Real-Time RentCheck® assessment will include valuable information such as:

  • Currently available properties, including street name and number (if available), neighborhood, monthly rental amount, and property size (if available).
  • Availability rating, which indicates how readily available properties are in your selected area (low to high).
  • Price trend, reflecting local market pricing activity (up, down, or stable).
  • Other pertinent information, such as additional fees and specific host country information.


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  • Short DescriptionHelps you manage your budget against the ups and downs of the market by providing the latest housing information.
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