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Mercer’s all-in-one pay structure toolkit

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Growing and successful organizations often reach a point where an informal approach to managing people costs, pay structure design and people processes that is no longer fit for the future. Would you like to:

Have more control over people costs?

Get pay levels right to attract and retain talent?

Improve consistency and transparency?

Integrate rewards and talent management programs?

With our ready-made, all-in-one pay structure solution, you can now exercise more control over your people costs and performance, and drive business performance; with HR experts supporting you along the way - quickly, cheaply and simply.

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Meet PayStart

PayStart is a complete solution comprising of technical and consulting expertise.

We partner with you to build a foundation for a rewards and career structure; providing you with the tools to better manage your people cost and performance. Combining these tools with consulting support, we also help facilitate interpretations and support stakeholder discussions in strategic decision-making.

Market Data
Access to Mercer's
Total Remuneration Survey report data


Pay Band Tool 2.0
Helps design and compare pay bands based on market and/or internal company data and model implications

Levelling Structure
Helps determine strategic job levelling and salary structure with
processing tools

Consulting Expertise
Supports with tools training, key strategic decisions and transitioning

Why PayStart?

We have designed this solution just for you, based on our 40 years of job evaluation and reward experience; we will give you the head start you need to be among future’s leading organizations.

Take control of your people cost and talent challenges now with:

  • Simple, modern solution building on Mercer’s job evaluation heritage
  • Best practice support combined with practical tools
  • Market data insight
  • Simple yet robust approach
  • Low fixed price


Complimentary Demo

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For more information, please contact:

John Ambridge

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  • Short DescriptionMercer’s all-in-one pay structure toolkit. PayStart is a solution that combines existing Mercer tools with consulting support to help you manage and control your compensation costs.
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