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North America Mining Industry Survey Suite | Mercer

The mining industry has weathered storms in recent years. With operations continuing to shift because of the digital revolution, rapid changes aren't likely to slow down. Thriving in today's mining business requires innovative thinking. An efficient, effective, and state-of-the-art workforce that can help your organization shape the future is key.

The North America Mining Industry Survey Suite is the premier source of compensation data for mining organizations - featuring both corporate and site locations. With the Canada portion of this survey, analyze your compensation strategy for your geographic area, type of mine, commodity mined, and mine and organization size. Ensure your workforce strategies, both for the office and the field, are as strong as possible, with data collected for 267 positions from 69 organizations. Benchmark your talent strategy against the data collected in this survey, such as:

  • Base salary
  • Long-term incentive eligibility and estimated grant values
  • Short-term incentive eligibility and amounts
  • Compensation policies and practices
  • Salary range
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Survey Details at a Glance

Survey Components # of Positions Surveyed # of Organizations
Corporate and CEO 95 45
Mine Site 62 34
Mine Site Operational Jobs 57 19
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Product Details

Survey Statistics

Survey Components # Positions Surveyed # Positions Published # Incumbents # Organizations
Mining General Benchmark 816 248 4,238 66
Mining Exploration and Technical 395 145 7,463 66
Mine Site Operations 294 79 9,040 44

Based on data from the 2022 Canada version of the North America Mining Industry Survey Suite. Data minimum and suppression rules account for the difference between the number of positions surveyed and published.

Data Collected

  • Base Salary
  • Compensation Policies & Practices
  • Long-term Incentive Eligibility and Estimated Grant Values
  • Salary Range
  • Short-term Incentive Eligibility and Amounts

Data Analyzed

  • Base Salary
  • Commodity Mined
  • Corporate Revenues
  • Estimated Value of LTI
  • Geographic Area: National, Regional
  • Site of Mine (# of employees)
  • Total Cash Compensation
  • Type of Mine


Product Participant Non-Participant
2020 Canada Mining General Benchmark CAD 3,400 CAD 10,200
2020 Canada Mining Exploration and Technical CAD 3,400 CAD 10,200
2020 Canada Mine Site Operations CAD 3,400 CAD 10,200

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North America Mining Industry Survey Suite

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Position List & Sample Report

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2019 Participation

2019 Survey Participation is now closed. Survey participation is open to all organizations with matching jobs and is not required to purchase results. To learn more about how you can become a participant, please contact us. As a survey participant, you do receive key benefits:

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