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  Mercer’s International Position Evaluation process is a robust, user-friendly methodology that is a key input to job and organizational design. Mercer has helped hundreds of organizations generate substantial business value by providing better understanding of the jobs that make up their unique structures. To accelerate the understanding and execution of IPE, Mercer is introducing the IPE eLearning module, which provides instruction on the IPE methodology.


IPE eLearning module is a two hour training that provides users with instruction on the basics of the IPE methodology. The module contains a consistent foundational knowledge of the five IPE factors, and is designed to be used as either as a stand-alone course for occasional users of the IPE methodology or as an introduction to the methodology prior to more extensive class-room training.


Help your team increase their knowledge and confidence using IPE. This eLearning module will provide:

  • Flexibility - learn anytime, anywhere
  • Consistent messaging - everyone in the organization is taught the same way
  • Integration - incorporate it into the company's existing learning curriculum
  • Enhanced instruction - add it to Mercer-facilitated classroom training to integrate "roll up your sleeves" exercises
  • Productivity - less time away learning; more time doing


Developed on proven learning methods and tested by some of Mercer's largest IPE clients, the new eLearning modules walk through each of IPE's five factors (Impact, Communication, Innovation, Knowledge, Risk), ensuring a consistent up-to-date understanding of IPE. Each section offers numerous real-world examples with users tested for understanding at the end of each section and module. The entire training takes less than two and a half hours to complete. Users are unanimous in their approval:

  • "The e-learning on IPE was insightful even with prior knowledge of the tool, factors and use. The audio plus the slide made it very interactive and easily understandable."
  • "I especially liked the practical application where real life examples were used."
  • "I think the content, mode of delivery and assessment for this e-learning module are great."


Steven Guyer

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