Global Parental Leave Industry Scorecard

Evaluate the most common parental leave policies across 10 global industries - then adjust yours accordingly.

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Drawing on a global pool of maternity, paternity, and parental leave data from our Global Parental Leave publication, this industry scorecard allows you to assess your own company’s parental leave policy and compare it to the market standard for 10 global industries.

What's Inside

Measure and compare to your industry

This scorecard is the ultimate measuring stick of your company’s parental leave policy, allowing you to compare your policy against 10 industry standards. In order to break down and evaluate your organization’s policies, the scorecard identifies four policy areas (quadrants) that are integral to a holistic parental leave program.

Create a well-balanced leave policy

  • Overall industry rankings
  • Calculate your company's score
  • Industry scorecard quadrant rankings
  • Global prevalence results for each industry


  • Employee support
  • Work-life balance
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Compensation & benefits

Did you know the banking and financial services industry’s overall parental leave policy ranked highest?

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Global Parental Leave Industry Scorecard



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Available Industries

  • Banking/Finance/Insurance
  • Consumer Goods
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • High Tech
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Nonmanufacturing
  • Retail & Wholesale
  • Services (Nonfinancial)
  • Sub TitleEvaluate the most common parental leave policies across 10 global industries - then adjust yours accordingly.
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  • Short DescriptionEvaluate the most common parental leave policies across 10 global industries.
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