Domestic Relocation Cost Comparisons for the US and Canada

Domestic Relocation Cost Comparisons for the US and Canada image

Companies face an especially serious challenge when transferring employees from lower-cost to higher-cost locations. Many questions need to be answered:

  • Will the employee receive a salary increase sufficient to compensate for higher cost of living, housing, or personal taxes?
  • If the difference is significant, how and to what extent can you compensate for the increased costs?
  • How long does an incentive need to be provided?
  • What are best practices to address this?
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Our state-of-the-art methodology helps companies determine cost implications of domestic employee transfers and what incentives to provide when relocating employees to higher-cost locations.

Cost Comparisons are available for hundreds of locations and cover:

  • Day-to-day cost of living differences
  • Housing
  • Property taxes
  • Income taxes
  • State and provincial taxes

Geographic Salary Differential Add-on

The Geographic Salary Differential calculation lets you compare the domestic cost differentials with relative salary levels between home and host locations. A one-time salary differential calculation can be added to the Cost Comparison.

Sample from Mercer Domestic Relocation Cost Comparison report

Sample Cost Comparison (US transfer)

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  • Short DescriptionEvaluate the transfer of employees within the US.
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