COVID-19 Snapshot Employee Survey

Assess the impact of the pandemic on employee experience

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The coronavirus pandemic will be a defining moment in an employee’s career and life journeys. How you respond will have lasting impact on employee behavior – engagement, productivity and commitment. Yet, only 17% of organizations have gathered feedback from their workforce about COVID-19.*

Mercer’s COVID-19 Snapshot Employee Survey measures employee engagement using a proven, research-driven model. Featuring 30 preset questions, the survey captures employee’s thoughts about how they are feeling related to working remotely, general safety, organizational communication, manager support, and community. Now, more than ever, is the critical time to reach out to your employees and listen.

Get the answers you need to four key questions:

  1. How is COVID-19 affecting your organization?
  2. What are employees concerned about?
  3. What’s the best way to listen to employees?
  4. How can you respond expediently to concerns?

*Mercer 2020 Covid-19 Pulse Survey

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Leveraging more than 45 years of experience in employee research, this survey instrument is delivered to any device and uses 30 predefined questions across 6 areas of concern to understand and measure employee feedback. Action planning and response strategies led by a dedicated consultant are nimble and focused to reflect changing needs in uncertain times.

The COVID-19 Snapshot Employee Survey features:

30 preset COVID-19 specific questions across 6 employee concern areas:

  1. Safety
  2. Health & Wellbeing
  3. Community & Connection
  4. Performance & Resources
  5. Manager Support
  6. Leadership

Quick launch – the tool can be rolled out to your organization in a matter of days.

Real-time results and response-rate tracking, with demographic profiles.

Dynamic, real-time interactive results dashboards available immediately upon survey close, with export capabilities in the language of your choice. 18+ languages supported.

One-hour consultant-led executive presentation of survey results and key action priorities.

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COVID-19 Snapshot Employee Survey


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Sample Report

The COVID-19 Employee Snapshot Survey delivers immediately actionable reports in online, interactive formats as well as in PowerPoint and Excel.


Priced at USD 12,000 / 10,000 EURO, Mercer’s COVID-19 Employee Snapshot Survey allows you to quickly pulse the organization and respond rapidly.

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