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Latin America Insurance Industry Survey: Insurance Industry Salary Survey hero image The key to develop competitive compensation & benefits packages, targeted exclusively for the insurance industry.

The objective of this Club Survey is to help the Insurance industry design their HR plans; by optimizing the management of its compensation strategy, and ensuring external competitiveness and internal equity.

The survey is available for Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Panama.

  • Overview



  • Better understanding of the responsibilities for each job. An industry catalogue is provided.
  • Competitive evaluation for every item in the total remuneration package, in relation to the insurance industry.
  • Salary increase information based on market practices, for better planning.
  • Ability to compare against market (insurance industry) or against a specific segment.
  • HR focus on value added activities, such as strategic planning, with less time spent on salary and benefits administrative tasks.
  • Access to reliable and up to date market data, including long term incentives analysis and benefits quantification.
  • Access to reports and statistics ad-hoc to your needs.
  • Access to market information at any time and place through an online tool.

Mercer presents this survey’ results using two different approaches:
  • Traditional: comparison done by identifying the Insurance industry equivalent in Mercer’s job catalogue.
  • Job pre-evaluation: all positions are analyzed using a system which delimitates the job responsibilities in relation to the job titles (Mercer system IPEv3.1)
Total Compensation Analysis

Mercer´s methodology analyzes the total remuneration in 6 levels:
  • Base salary = Base salary multiplied by 12
  • Base annual salary= Base salary + Christmas bonus (multiplied by 13)
  • Total guaranteed cash compensation = Base salary plus guaranteed allowances
  • Total cash compensation = Total guaranteed cash compensation plus short-term incentive, sales incentive, profit sharing or other incentive awards
  • Total direct compensation = Total cash compensation plus long-term incentive awards, valued using Black-Scholes methodology for appreciation-based awards
  • Total remuneration = Total direct compensation plus benefits and perquisites.

The catalogue includes approximately 300 positions from all levels (from Analysts up to CEOs) in different areas of the company:
  • General administration
  • Operations administration
  • ART
  • Audit
  • Commercial
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Legal
  • Institutional marketing
  • Marketing & products
  • HR
  • Claims
  • Administration staff
  • Subscriptions
  • Call centre & telemarketing
  • Actuary techniques
Results Presentation

Results are delivered via Mercer WIN® , interactive tool that allows access to the Club survey results and enables you to:

  • Process the total sample of companies and one defined sample by company (with a minimum of 8 participants)
  • Generate ad-hoc unlimited reports (by job title, compensation level, etc.)
  • Do job groupings for better reporting
  • Export results to Excel
  • Update data by index, both your company’s and the market’s data
Click here for a Mercer WIN® demo:


Deadline to participateMay 2018
Effective dateMay 2018
Survey ResultsSeptember-October 2018



Facundo Rodriguez
Tel: +54 11 4000 4083

Mercedes Bernardi
Tel: (54-11) 4000 0911

Colombia y Panama
Bruno Balanza
Tel: +57 1 742 1076


Joaquim Patto
Tel: +55 11 3048 1965

Mauricio Yamaguchi
Tel: +55 11 2938 6431

Rafael Ricarte
Tel: +55 11 3048 5788

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  • Short DescriptionThe key to develop competitive compensation and benefits packages, targeted exclusively for the insurance industry.