Benefits Survey for Internationally Mobile Employees

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Multinationals can face significant challenges when designing and managing benefits programs for International Assignees (IA). This can be due to a number of factors. Some of the primary concerns facing multinationals include complexities of providing equitable packages across borders, cost pressures, increasingly complex compliance requirements, and the need for improved program control, transparency, and governance. Understanding how benefit programs can vary across multinational companies will help you design a strategy that works best for you and your employees.

Mercer’s global Benefits Survey for Internationally Mobile Employees explores how multinational employers are designing and financing their benefits programs for an ever diverse globally mobile workforce and offers a unique opportunity to identify multinational company policies and trends for providing them with competitive employee benefit programs.

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Key Findings

  • Global governance is considered as important by 89% of respondents for Medical benefit, 74% for Life benefits, 68% for Disability and 65% for Retirement.
  • Offering an international retirement plan is still not a common practice – only 22% offer one. But this still shows a growing trend: in the previous edition, it was only 12%.
  • Most respondents (85%) have one overarching policy covering the provision of benefits to their internationally mobile employees; 76% have a global policy for Medical, 60% for Life, 59% for Disability and 55% for Retirement.

Topics Covered

  • Company profile
  • Globally mobile employee general policies and trends
  • Demographics
  • Benefits program policy and administration
  • Benefits program drivers and barriers
  • Social security and tax assistance
  • Spouse/dependents coverage
  • Benefits plans future arrangements
  • Retirement benefits
  • Medical benefits
  • Life, disability, and other benefits
  • Localization


  • Participants- USD 500 / CAD 650 / EUR 420 / AUD 700
  • Non-participants- USD 1500 / CAD 1950 / EUR 1260 / AUD 2100

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Benefits Survey for Internationally Mobile Employees

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  • Short DescriptionSee how employers are designing and financing benefit programs for a globally mobile workforce.

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