Compensations Almanac from A to Z - Mexico

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Compensations Almanac from A to Z - Mexico SKU_7712

The Compensation Almanac is is a compendium of all the information you need to make decisions regarding compensation in Mexico, ensuring visibility of legal, fiscal and social security implications. Additionally, Mercer has added relevant information on local practices for performance, based on current and reliable data from the Mexican market.

With the recent changes in both labor and tax laws, this document, prepared by Mercer, aims to provide all Human Resources executives with the necessary information on Compensation in one place. With the Compensation Almanac from A to Z, it will be clear to understand each of the benefits available in the Mexican market and in this way being able to explain, understand and design an adequate compensation strategy for your company.

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  • Introduction
  • Chapter I – Unit of Measurement and Update
  • Chapter II – Guaranteed benefits
  • Chapter III – Short term variable compensation
  • Chapter IV – Long term incentives
  • Chapter V – Benefits in kind and other benefits
  • Chapter VI – Compensation practices
  • Chapter VII – Human Resources Products


This product is divided in 7 chapters in which you will find more than 50 benefits and other practices that represent Mexico’s main compensation regulations in terms of labor, fiscal and social security.


Next publication date: March 2018.


Norma Del Rivero

Mario Villanueva


2017 – 2018 Edition $ MXP 29,630 + TAX / USD 1,500 + TAX

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Compensations Almanac from A to Z - Mexico


USD 1,500.00

USD 1,500.00

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  • Short DescriptionThe Compensations Almanac is a master document that compiles all information you need to know to take compensation decisions for your Business in the Mexican market.
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